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Bespoke 3-Sided Glass Fireplace
Rural Refurbishment, Warwickshire

A new architecture firm enquired regarding a bespoke 3 sided open wood burning fireplace they wanted to specify in a refurbishment near Warwickshire. Due to the single story property restrictions, we discussed fluing and fan options from the outset. The proposed fireplace has a large opening, with wide burning grills designed. So, to ensure the speed of the fan was kept at its optimum level, we introduced clear partial Robax glass to reduce the volume of air entering the flue system. This particular project also wanted to conceal the fan due to the natural beauty of the surrounding areas, so we went through the best options for hiding the fan system, whilst ensuring full access is available for annual servicing. Other areas which we had to carefully consider in the design of this fireplace, was the size and weight of the burning grills, as the fireplace not only needs to look desirable, but also needs to be practical to clean and maintain.