Kalfire Prestige GP115/55R

The Kalfire GP115/55R is an 115cm wide, 3-sided room-dividing balanced flue gas appliance, with 55cm high glass, available in Natural Gas or LPG, with unique Prestige ECO-Burner and radiographic remote handset.

The Prestige burner incorporates gas burners into the ceramic logs on the fuel bed, along with the option of an LED hybrid function giving the illusion of glowing embers within the base.

This fire is available with the range of interior lining options, along with the exclusive ‘Natural Spark Generator’ seen below.

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Prestige Features

Natural Spark Generator

Our Prestige range offer a unique Natural Spark Generator (NSG) in all of the models, adding to the authenticity of the flame patterns, by making real sparks jump from the fire.

LED Fuel Bed

The LED Hybrid function provides a warm glow of embers beneath the ceramic logs, adding the final touch to your fireplace.

Interior Options


The standard interior lining on all our gas fireplaces, offers a single panel, matt black heat resistant finish.

Black Ceramic Glass

Black ceramic glass adds an extra dimension to the flames on our gas fireplaces, with a high gloss finish.


The designer lining is a black ribbed steel, providing a stylish finish to the interior.