Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we have a design studio which is by appointment only to enable you to have unlimited time to discuss your unique project.

Within our studio, we have 10 fires on live display including wood burning, gas, bioethanol, and electric fireplaces. Amongst our fireplace designs are a curated selection of bespoke fires, including one of our suspended central glass models. To book an appointment please contact us via email or telephone.

Do you offer supply only?

Yes, we can offer supply only on all set models. If you are choosing to install a wood burning fire, you will need to appoint a HETAS registered engineer. For all gas installations, a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer must be used. All bespoke fireplace designs will be only offered on a supply and installation basis.

Can you supply any fireplace surrounds?

Whilst the majority of our collections offer a modern fireplace design without a surround, some ranges do include a mantle piece and hearth option.

Within our Metalfire collection, we can design custom concept surrounds made from steel, along with integrated log stores and bespoke side panels.

Do you cover nationwide?

Not only can we offer supply and installation nationwide, but we have installed overseas in many locations including Cairo and Oman. If you have already appointed a qualified installer, we’re happy to assist them with any questions or information they may need prior to fitting the fire.

Can you offer installation?

We offer installation on all fires and include fitting as standard on all bespoke fireplace designs. The installation would be appointed to a registered engineer, and certification supplied following all gas and wood burning fire installations.

Do you supply and install flue systems?

With our fireplace orders, we offer supply and installation of the steel flue system if required. Our experienced team will assist with ensuring the design of the flue meets regulations and is the most efficient option and route for your project. 

Do I need an existing chimney to flue my gas or wood fire?

No. Whilst a gas and wood burning fire would require a flue system, this does not need an existing chimney to connect into. Our knowledgeable team will assist with finding the best possible flue route for your new wood burning or gas fire.

Can I put a TV above my fire?

With the rising trend of media walls and built in cabinetry around fires, extreme care and attention must be taken when designing the surrounding furniture to avoid heat damage. Some of our collections outline specific requirements when placing a TV above the fire, which must be followed carefully. Other ranges do not state the suitability of placing a TV above their fires.

What fires do not need a chimney / flue?

Both a bio ethanol fire and electric fire do not require a chimney or flue system to work safely and efficiently. A bio ethanol fire will have a minimum room size which must be considered when looking at the size of the burner.

An electric fire is simulating the look of flame patterns within the appliance. A false flue can be added to some models to replicate the look of a real fire.

The ethanol liquid used for bio ethanol fires is a reusable fuel source and emits non-toxic vapour, therefore does not need to be flued like a gas or wood burning fire would.

Are bio ethanol fires safe?

There are many bio ethanol fires on the market to varying levels of safety. All our bio ethanol burners are equipped with a variety of sensors to ensure the highest level of safety for all users. Most accidents happen when topping up fuel because bioethanol is extremely flammable. The bio ethanol fires we offer in our collections are fully remote operated with an automatic pump for refuelling, and auto-stop sensor when the burner is full. There is also a glass panel upstand included with all models fixed into the burner base.

Does a fire need an outside air supply?

This answer would be depending on the type of fire and fuel type. Any open fire requires a supply off external combustion air into the room or directly fed to the fire (unless the manufacturer states otherwise).

What is the best type of fire for heat?

All of our fire collections offer favourable heat outputs. The most efficient with highest heat outputs would be the closed wood burning collections, closely followed by the balanced flue gas range. An open gas or open wood fire would be less efficient than the closed alternative, however you’d still get some heat from the flames when in use. You will also get beneficial heat outputs from our bio ethanal collections, which offer real flames from the BEV technology. Our electric models can include a heating element which can be turned on and off at your leisure, with the Solus models also including a cooling feature which is great in the warmer months.

Does an electric fire need to be finished in certain materials?

This is dependent on the model and specification of the electric fire. Most of our electric models are perfectly suited to a timber stud and plasterboard surround. There are some electric models where non-combustible materials would be needed in certain areas, and we can advise you on these requirements.

I live in a smokeless zone; can I have a wood burning fire?

Yes! Within a smokeless zone you would need to have a DEFRA approved wood burning fire. We offer a great collection with different sizes available in both front and tunnel configurations.

Will my fire need a fan?

A fan is sometimes needed on open fires to aid the draw within a flue system. This is more often needed on short flue routes, or those with bends which can slow the flue draught. An extraction fan would be installed at the top of the flue/chimney and is specified to suit your exact fire specification, flue route and location of the install. The likelihood of needing a fan can be predetermined to a certain extent, however natural variables will affect the draught on the day and the spillage test carried out by your registered engineer will determine whether the fan is required.

Any more questions?