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Corinthia London Spa Fireplace

Fireplace Design Trends for 2024

Every year brings new surprises and new trends—something which the fireplace design sector is not immune, to! To help make sure you are one step ahead of the game we’ve put together a list of the of fireplace design trends

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The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Fireplaces

As architects and interior designers catering to high-end clients and celebrities, you understand the importance of creating spaces that resonate with luxury and exclusivity. Christmas fireplaces, adorned with bespoke elegance, become more than just a source of warmth; they transform

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Large firewall in a living room

Preparing Your Fireplace For Winter

As winter approaches, the allure of a warm, crackling fire in the heart of one’s home becomes undeniable. For homeowners with a luxury bespoke fireplace, the transition into frosty weather is an opportunity to revel in the sophisticated warmth these

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Panoramic Fireplace For London Homes

The desire of a grand interior design plan is to make an impact. Create a talking point and add drama with the use of specialised items in the rooms. Sometimes it’s artwork, or a statement furniture piece, or could it

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Bio Ethanol Fires - BEV™ Technology Image 7

Bio Ethanol Fires – BEV™ Technology

BEV TECHNOLOGY™ (BURNING ETHANOL VAPOURS) At the beginning, the Planika collection consisted mainly of manual and semi-automatic ethanol fireplaces. However, as experience grew, Planika decided to create a brand new technology, which would allow its users to enjoy their products

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Our Fireplace Studio image 6

Our Fireplace Studio

A dedicated ‘in-house’ bespoke fireplace design studio, showcasing a carefully curated collection of our gorgeous gas, wood burning, bio ethanol and electric fires.  After many years of working from the comfort of a small office, our Bespoke Fireplace Designs showroom

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Firepit and Outside Fireplaces image 9

Firepit and Outside Fireplaces

Are you dreaming of that perfect outdoor fireplace? There is nothing better than settling into Summer with a beautiful new addition to your garden. Let our specialists help you design your unique feature fireplace can add that extra ‘WOW’ to

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Bio Ethanol Fires - BEV™ Technology Image 11

Net Zero Bio Ethanol Fires

The Net Zero 2050 plan aims to achieve CO2 neutrality by cutting gas emissions in many sectors of the economy. More and more electric cars replace combustion engine vehicles, passive houses replace traditional buildings. We produce more energy from renewable resources.

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Kalfire E-One Image 1

The Kalfire E-One

Innovation. Originality. Authenticity.  The Kalfire E-One electric fireplace is like no other. Using innovative technology, it truly makes this fireplace original, creating incredibly authentic flame patterns. This electric fireplace allows you to see, hear and feel the fire anywhere in

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What is a Bespoke Fireplace image 3

What is a Bespoke Fireplace?

All of our bespoke fireplace designs are made 100% to your specification. Manufactured with precision, we can engineer a fireplace design to the exact millimetre you require. A bespoke fireplace is different to a ‘custom’ fireplace. Custom often means, based

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Efficient Fireplaces Post image 1

Efficient Fireplaces

Efficient fires come in many shapes and sizes. With gas fireplaces, by far, our balanced flue gas fireplaces are the most efficient in our collections. Balanced flue fireplaces are hermetically sealed appliances, with a glass window to view the flames.

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Whats New in 2019 Post image 3

Bespoke Suspended Fireplaces

Suspended glass or hanging steel fireplaces are a unique and creative way to create a striking central feature in your room.   The majority of the suspended designs create a full 360-degree view of the fireplace, but every fireplace is

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Winter Warmers Post image 1

Winter Warmers

We all know Winter’s in the UK can be unpredictable, and with the looming snow, we want to stay warm and prepared for the adverse weather. Our extensive collections of gas and wood burning fireplaces are designed to suit modern

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Fireplace and Flue Regulations Post Image 1

Fireplace and Flue Regulations

Building regulations are vital surrounding fireplaces and flue systems. It is so important to ensure you are fully informed with what regulations relate to your project, fireplace type and flue system. Document J Document J is your friend when referring

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Kalfire Prestige Features image 2

Kalfire Prestige Features

The innovation offered in our Prestige range of Kalfire fireplaces is extremely unique. Clients often desire an authentic wood burning fireplace effect, with the efficiency of igniting the flames at the press of a button. Our Prestige fireplaces encompass the

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Balanced Flue or Open Gas Fire image 1

Balanced Flue or Open Gas Fire?

Many clients come to us asking what type of gas fire is best for them. Ultimately, both styles have their advantages and disadvantages. Efficiency A balanced flue fireplace is a glass fronted gas appliance, with many models now available with

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Guide to Fluing Restrictions image 1

A guide to fluing restrictions

A balanced flue gas fire requires a concentric flue system. A concentric flue is essentially, one steel pipe within another. There are renovation kits available to convert into an existing chimney, to create the concentric system using multi-fuel flue liners.

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