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Metalfire Closed Gas - Avenue

Efficient and indisputably beautiful.

The Avenue represents closed gas-burning fireplaces in the Metalfire range. Think comfort and ease of use with an astonishing display of flames and an amazing whole new feel! What is more, imagine a personalised hearth surrounded by our customised concepts.

Avenue Features


Dual Burner

A completely new burner system has been developed for the Avenue collection. As well as the ECOWAVE feature, the burner system has been designed with 2 burners. For a cosy atmosphere the inner burner (so just one burner) provides a limited but realistic imitation wood fire, using around 50% of the power of the burner system. Ideal if you want an attractive fire but less heating. Use of both the interior and exterior burners simultaneously uses maximum power, resulting in maximum heating.


Up to 40% savings on gas consumption. In ECOWAVE mode, the flame height alternates automatically between the highest and lowest settings. This creates a dynamic fire (and very realistic imitation of a wood fire in combination with the ceramic logs) and delivers a 40%saving in gas consumption compared with use of the highest setting. Dynamic, aesthetic and and economical all at once.


UP TO 40% H2 MIXED WITH NATURAL GAS. Framed in a European project, the AVENUE+ and AVENUE collection was tested on the natural gas of the future, a mixture with hydrogen (H2). The new hydrogen-natural gas blend can contain up to 40% hydrogen (40%H2+60%CH4). WITHOUT modifications to the burner, the AVENUE+ and AVENUE collection can burn without any problems, which means our fireplaces already are future-proof.

Door System

Simple and subtle. For an optimal view of the fire and the sleekest design without any visible frame or screening, all the fireplaces in the AVENUE collection are fitted with a glass plate that can be removed using the suction cups provided. No further tools are needed. One simple movement frees the glass, which can then be removed without difficulty. Easy to use, and quick to install and to maintain! Optionally available with PREMIUM anti-reflective glass.

Interior Options

Standard Black Image

Flat Steel

The standard interior lining on all our gas fireplaces, offers a single panel, matt black heat resistant finish.
Original Black Image


The standard interior lining is a cast iron ribbed slats which exude minimalism.
Triangle Black image


The ‘Triangle’ cast-iron slats represent a more angular approach to the inside of the fireplace.
Rounded Black image


The ‘Round’ cast-iron slats – based on a design by Belgian architect Benoit Viaene – are characterised by gentle curves.
Design Black Image

Design Steel

Asymmetrical steel streaks.

Interior Finish Colours

Though the Standard ‘Black’ lacquer already offers the most beautiful timeless base for any fireplace, Metalfire add a new colour to their cast iron finishes for closed wood-fires.
As the name predicts, ‘Terracotta’ is a vivid orange-red lacquer, reminiscent of typical Mediterranean sceneries. A constant reminder of the sunniest of settings and a welcome pop of colour during darker days. Whenever, wherever, ‘Terracotta’ oozes pure warmth and abundance.
‘Maple Gold’ is sure to impress with its goldish undertone. It brings to mind the thick, luscious drip of the well-known sweet syrup.

Filling Options

White Stones Grey Background Image

White Stones

Our contemporary white stone fuel bed creates a minimalist modern finish to the ECO-Line range of gas fireplaces.
Wood Chips Grey Background image

Wood Chips

Black woodchip fuel bed for a simple base for the flames.
Grey Stones Background image

Grey Stones

These small grey stone chippings offer a stylish fuel bed options for this range of gas fireplaces.
Classic Style Ceramic Grey Background Image

Ceramic Logs

The classic ceramic logs, hand painted for a realistic finish.
Smoke Style Ceramic Grey Background image

Smoke Style

The smoke style ceramic logs, hand painted which charred effect for a authentic burnt aesthetic.