Kalfire Gp115/55S

An ultra-realistic fire experience.

The innovative GP and Gi collections of closed gas fires offer contemporary fireplace design with a unique and authentic fire experience inspired by nature. The ceramic logs, which are stacked in a pyramid shape, have integrated prestige gas burners, creating a high and voluminous flame pattern, imitating a campfire effect.

The Natural Spark Generator (NSG) and Ember Glow are optionally available for our Gi and GP gas fires. The NSG allows sparks to rise from the burning flames and burn slowly. The Ember Glow imitates a glow bed of wood fire – which can also be used when the fire is not burning. These options imitate the experience of a real wood fire. The Kalfire GP and Gi models are the only fireplaces in the market equipped with these features.

Prestige Features

Natural Spark Generator

The Natural Spark Generator (NSG) allows lifelike sparks to rise and burn from the burning logs. This enhances the experience of a real wood fire. Select the intensity yourself or activate the NSG manually. The Kalfire GP and Gi models are the only fireplaces in the market equipped with this feature.
Led Fuel Bed Image

LED Ember Glow Base

You can optionally choose an LED hybrid base: an atmospheric imitation of the glow bed of a real wood fire. Three different programmes can be selected here, each with its own light intensity and flicker. Switching on the hybrid function also boosts atmosphere in the hot summer months, when you don’t need extra heat. With Kalfire’s gas fires, you enjoy them all year round.

Interior Options

Fireplace Image 25


The standard interior lining on all our gas fireplaces, offers a single panel, matt black heat resistant finish.
Black Ceramic Glass image 1

Black Ceramic Glass

Black ceramic glass adds an extra dimension to the flames on our gas fireplaces, with a high gloss finish.
Fireplace Image 24


The designer lining is a black ribbed steel, providing a stylish finish to the interior.