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Ideas for Fireplaces Other Than the Living Room

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Megan Walden

Managing Director

Fireplaces are a great way to add warmth, charm, and character to any home. But many people think of them as being limited to the living room. While the living room is certainly a great place to have a fireplace, there are many other creative and unique ways to incorporate a fireplace into your home. In this article, we’ll explore some of the unique ideas for fireplaces other than the living room.

Kitchen Fireplaces

Many people assume that you don’t need a fireplace in the kitchen as this room tends to be well-heated via radiators, underfloor heating, ovens, and hobs. However, a kitchen with fireplace can be a stunning design choice. 

What’s more – the presence of naturally inspired flames can reflect the traditional cooking methods that were once used and give your kitchen a little extra ambience and authenticity. 

Kitchens are often a central location in a family home, so adding a fireplace can be a great way to encourage family and friends to kick back and relax. A suspended fireplace with open flames and a custom base can provide a fantastic seating location and even serve a dual purpose as a kitchen bar or table. 

Bedroom Fireplaces

Bedroom fireplaces might have fallen out of fashion amidst the rise of central heating but there’s nothing cosier or more intimate than a real fire in your bedroom. 

If your bedroom has a traditional fireplace surround still present, you may choose to have this restored and modernised with an electric or gas fire. This allows you to keep its traditional features and retain the character of the room but also gives you the opportunity to enjoy a fully functional (and easy to operate) modern fireplace. 

Alternatively, in-built fireplaces can be ideal for contemporary bedrooms. Integrated into the wall, these fireplaces can be situated in a variety of locations and provide a fantastic view of flickering flames and a gentle crackling of the fire as you doze off into a restful slumber. 

Fireplaces in Open-Plan Spaces

Open-plan living is particularly popular in modern homes and these expansive spaces make ideal locations for designer fireplaces. A fireplace ‘wall’ or ‘column’ can break up larger spaces and even segment the space so that different zones can be used for different purposes. 

Alternatively, a suspended fireplace can create a cosy seating area or relaxation zone within an open-plan space and will add an attention-grabbing, statement feature to your interior design.

Entertainment Rooms and Dens

If you have an entire room devoted to entertainment, a modern fireplace is the ultimate addition to this space. Similarly, if you have a den designed for relaxing and unwinding, why not integrate a custom fireplace to add warmth and enhance the visual impact of your interior?

A fireplace media wall can be a great choice for entertainment spaces, particularly if you have a variety of media devices already installed. A panoramic fireplace looks exquisite situated beneath a large-screen television, for example. 

Whether you have an entertainment room filled with the latest screens, consoles, and speakers or a cosy snug with book-lined shelves, lifestyle fireplaces will reflect and reinforce the purpose and character of the room to maximum effect. 

Dining Room Fireplaces

If you enjoy getting family and friends together to enjoy sumptuous dinners, where better to install a designer fireplace than your dining room? 

While contained fireplaces can look sublime in this environment, there are also plenty of ideas for open fireplaces that are ideally suited for dining rooms. If the idea of guests breaking bread and imbibing fine wines next to a roaring open fire fills your heart with warmth, then you’ll be eager to design a custom fireplace ahead of your next dinner party. 

It’s easy to integrate ideas for open fireplaces into properties with existing fireplaces, hearths, and chimneys but there’s no need to panic if you don’t have traditional fireplaces or features available. In fact, many modern fireplaces are designed to offer open flames.

You could even choose to create a custom dining table with an in-built fireplace at its centre, for example. A stunning canopy combined with custom base will bring your interior design ideas to life and create a unique dining environment that never fails to impress. 

Garden and Outdoor Fireplaces

When you’re considering where to install fireplaces around your home, don’t forget the exterior of your property. After all, outdoor fireplaces and firepits are an excellent addition to gardens and courtyards. 

As well as providing warmth on cooler evenings, garden fireplaces and firepits provide light and ambience, which will make your outdoor events more enjoyable. Whether you’re making the most of the lighter evenings or you want to make your garden more usable during the cooler months, a designer outdoor fireplace or firepit is an excellent way to give your outdoor space an uplift. 

Fireplaces in Hallways and Foyers

As hallways and foyers are transient spaces, they are often overlooked when it comes to fireplaces. However, a lit fire can be the ultimate welcoming feature, which is why it’s worth considering adding a designer fireplace to your hallway or foyer.

Being greeted by the warmth of a fire immediately enhances the ambience of your home and makes guests feel welcomed from the moment they cross the threshold. Furthermore, adding a custom-built fireplace to larger hallways and foyers is an effective way to add visual interest to the space and enhance its design. 

Incorporating Fireplaces into Your Home

While living rooms may be the obvious choice when it comes to where to place a fireplace, this isn’t the only space that can benefit from a designer fireplace. From bedrooms and entertainment rooms to gardens and kitchens, there are endless options when it comes to enhancing your property with a statement fireplace.

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