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Kalfire Prestige Features

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Megan Walden

Managing Director

The innovation offered in our Prestige range of Kalfire fireplaces is extremely unique.

Clients often desire an authentic wood burning fireplace effect, with the efficiency of igniting the flames at the press of a button. Our Prestige fireplaces encompass the mesmerising features of a wood burner, within a high specification gas appliance.


Unique Ceramic Logs

Starting with the the ceramic logs. Each individual log is hand painted in the factory to an impressive standard, which sit on a bed of false woodchips, ash, stones, cryptonite and cut glass.

These logs also incorporate gas burners inside. This allows flames to burn from within them, creating a superb high flame pattern. There are also elements of glow material within the logs, which burn when lit, giving a warm radiance of embers.

LED Base

The embers are further simulated in the base of the fireplace with the LED hybrid function, giving a glow of embers beneath the burning logs. This feature can also be used independently in the Summer months to give a gentle warmth in your fire, without the heat of the flames.


For lower heat outputs and up to 40% gas savings, the Prestige range offer an ECO-Setting on their remote handset, which fluctuates the input of gas to the burner. The flames slowly rise and fall, similar to that on a wood burner, oscillating from the highest to lowest settings.

Remote Operation

The remote handset is radiographic, operated from a mains electricity supply. It allows the client to adjust the flame height, LED function and natural spark frequency with ease. There is also the option of adding a iMatch integration system onto the order. The iMatch integration allows the fireplace to be synchronised to smart phones and tablets via a dedicated Kalfire app.

The control hatch required for the fireplace can be situated up to 1.5m away from the appliance as standard (taken from the left side of the fire), or up to 4m away with the extension hose option. Therefore allowing it to be discretely placed into surrounding joinery, to be accessed only for annual servicing.

Natural Sparks

The Natural Spark Generator – ‘NSG’ is a ground breaking new feature, available exclusively to the Kalfire Prestige range. This detail produces an intermittent spark into the fireplace, likening that of authentic wood burning embers. The frequency of the spark can be adapted to suit your needs, and is easily refillable. A video of the Natural Spark can be found on each of our Prestige fireplace pages, and will be on display at our studio from Feb 2018. Please call our office to book an appointment at the studio to discuss your fireplace specification.


Showcasing the authentic flame patterns, Kalfire have designed each Prestige fireplace to have higher glass, with the option of 54cm or 74cm high panes. The 74cm models include an additional ceramic log in the fuel bed, with integrated gas burner, providing even higher flame patterns to envelop the fireplace chamber. There are a range of sizes within the collection, from 60cm wide up to 115cm wide, available in different configurations – front / corner / 3-sided / tunnel / room-divider.

The front models in the Prestige range also are available with an anti-reflective glass option. This feature reduces residual reflectance significantly, giving the client the illusion of an open fireplace, with the efficiency of a balanced flue model. Read more about efficiency in our blog – Balanced Flue or Open Gas Fire?

Additional Features

To complete the fireplace specification, the Prestige range provide three interior lining options – with flat matt black steel as standard, with the option of a black ceramic glass or designer ribbed steel as optional extras. The GP60/79F also has the unique Clay interior option available.

The front models also offer deeper and thicker mounting trims, to create a more defined opening around the fireplace.


For more information on our Kalfire Prestige fireplaces, please contact us.