Kalfire E-One 100F

Electric fireplaces that are more than just heating! A true statement piece that will revolutionise a space and transform interior design. There are a huge variety of fireplaces that are created to fit a range of interior design briefs, and even those that are custom made individually. 

An electric fireplace like no other, the Kalfire E-One range is innovative and advanced, with HD screens, a variety of realistic and authentic flame patterns, Atmos lighting, heating & two realistic sound settings. A remote handset is included as standard along with a warranty for this truly modern and advanced fireplace. 

Endless possibilities, zero emissions.

The Kalfire E-One 100F Fireplace Endless Possibilities:

As the Kalfire E-One electric fireplace does not need a chimney or flue for its use there are more options available to fit an interior design plan. With options to install built-in to a wall or to freestand alone, the Kalfire E-One is adaptable. 

The fireplace offers a full range sensory experience with authentic flame patterns and atmos lighting with sound settings and effective heating capabilities. This offers an unrivaled sensory experience encapsulated by one electric fireplace. 

The Kalfire E-One 100F Fireplace comes with two Interior Options:

Flat Bottom Plate: 

This bottom plate is sleek, simplistic and and offers a modern luxury finish to the fireplace. 

Designer Bottom Plate:

The designer bottom plate comes with another option, a beautiful sophisticated designer ribbed bottom plate. 

So if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind electric fireplace that has all the features you need then look no further. Our electric fireplaces are not only environmentally friendly, they are an innovative solution to interior designs adding a WOW factor to any room. As standard the fireplaces are energy efficient and heat a room effortlessly granting the home owner complete peace of mind.

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Interior Options

Flat Bottom Plate

Our Kalfire Electric Fires have the option of this beautiful Designer Ribbed Bottom Plate

Designer Bottom Plate

Our Kalfire Electric Fires have the option of this beautiful Designer Ribbed Bottom Plate