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Net Zero Bio Ethanol Fires

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Megan Walden

Managing Director

The Net Zero 2050 plan aims to achieve CO2 neutrality by cutting gas emissions in many sectors of the economy. More and more electric cars replace combustion engine vehicles, passive houses replace traditional buildings. We produce more energy from renewable resources. The global transformation of heating systems has already begun. It includes anti-smog restrictions, and the world’s biggest cities are continuing to introduce measures to fight air pollution.

Does it mean the end of fireplaces? No, it doesn’t!

There are fireplaces with real fire that are CO2 neutral and don’t contribute to smog. Technological innovation made it possible.

Planika developed a cutting-edge solution based on combustion of ethanol vapours.


How does it work?

The fireplace insert hides inside it – ‘automatic burning ethanol vapour technology’. The vapour generator changes liquid ethanol into gas and the micro-corepressor controls the released alcohol concentration.

The combustion is clean, as it takes place just above the burner where it has full access to oxygen.

How is the net zero technology CO2 neutral? Planika fireplaces utilise bioethanol, an organic distillate made from plants such as corn, wheat or potatoes. Ethanol is known to produce lower carbon dioxide emissions and is a particulate free burning fuel source.

The net zero technology heats the fuel, creating ethanol vapours, which are then combusted.


The entire process is under full control of the fireplace. It monitors the temperature, flame level and concentration of the released alcohol. During combustion, alcohol omits carbon dioxide which is then entirely absorbed by plants in photosynthesis. In this way the process comes full circle. 100% of the omissions or compensated by the plants absorbing CO2.

Thanks to this, the burning ethanol vapours don’t contribute to global warming. The combustion is so clean no ash, soot or other harmful substances or produced so there is no need for a chimney or other hard connections.

We can’t imagine the future without fireplaces. Real fire gives us warmth, makes us calm and relaxed. It’s a prime instinct that tells us to gather close to the fire.


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