Megan Walden
Managing Director

We all know there are plenty of things we can do to help make a positive impact on the planet, and the fireplace we choose can be one of them. Whether you are updating your décor or renovating a property from scratch, you can enhance the sustainability of your home by choosing an eco-friendly modern fireplace, but what fireplaces deliver the lowest carbon footprint?

Take a look at our top tips for choosing an eco-friendly fireplace and discover how you can combine luxury designer fireplaces with sustainable home design:

1. Understand the Impact of Your Fuel Source

When selecting a fireplace, the design and style is obviously a top priority. However, understanding the impact of your preferred fuel source will help you to find the most eco-friendly fireplace. What’s more – selecting the right fuel source will ensure that your new fireplace is perfectly suited to your needs. 

Wood-burning fireplaces have gained a lot of attention over the years as a potentially high-emission fireplace option. However, there are several energy-efficient wood-burning fireplaces that are sophisticated and a great choice for your home. 

There are other fuel source fireplaces that do a fantastic job of mimicking a realistic fire, so whether you choose a wood-burning fireplace, bio-ethanol, or electric fireplace you needn’t compromise on atmosphere and ambience by choosing an eco-friendly fireplace. 

2. Consider a Custom Bioethanol Fireplace

If you are looking for a modern fireplace that doesn’t produce any GHG emissions, then a bioethanol fireplace should be your first choice. This fuel source is manufactured from the fermented sugar and starch of plant by-products, so it’s a completely renewable form of energy that doesn’t emit any harmful CO2. 

As well as contributing to a healthier planet, a bioethanol eco-friendly fireplace can also be a great way to enhance the health and safety of your home. With no smoke or fumes to contend with, you won’t need to worry about venting your designer bioethanol fireplace, for example. 

3. Combine Form and Sustainable Function

Many people assume that choosing a sustainable option means foregoing convenience or design, but this simply isn’t the case. In fact, our custom bioethanol fireplaces give you more control over the design and style of your fireplace. 

Bioethanol fireplaces feature a fuel tank that is simply refilled as needed, so they don’t need to be affixed to a wall. As they don’t need to be vented either, they can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. This gives you the freedom to be as creative as you like when it comes to placement and design. Situate an eco-friendly bioethanol fireplace against the wall, as the centrepiece of your room or even on the floor to create a sustainable, statement feature. 

4. Try Sustainable Electric Fireplaces

If a bioethanol fireplace isn’t the right choice for you, why not consider a modern electric fireplace? Electric fireplaces are typically more eco friendly than other traditional fuel sources, so you could lower your carbon footprint by switching from a wood-burning fire to an electric fireplace, for example. 

New technology means ventless electric fireplaces are now available, so you can use electricity as a fuel source without emitting any smoke or CO2 into the environment. As well as being better for the planet, this gives you more flexibility over the positioning of your electric fireplace and enhances the safety of your home. 

Furthermore, how you source your electricity could help you to reduce the environmental impact of your fireplace even more. As demand for renewable energy increases and homeowners become more aware of climate change, energy companies are offering a wider range of ‘green’ options. By purchasing electricity that is produced from renewable sources, you can enhance the sustainability of your electric fireplace and enjoy a stunning new feature that elevates your home in a variety of ways. 

5. Assess Your Need for Heat

Today, many homeowners choose luxury designer fireplaces for their visual impact and the ambience they cultivate, rather than the heat they generate. However, using your fireplace as a heat source could be a viable way to reduce your reliance on alternative heating systems, thus reducing your overall carbon footprint. 

Generally, bioethanol fireplaces give off more heat than electric or gas fireplaces, so they can be a great option if you want to choose an eco-friendly fireplace that can also be used as a secondary heat source. 

While your new fireplace won’t replace your existing heating system, it can certainly help to increase the temperature in your home and mean that you use your central heating system less frequently. 

6. Take Advantage of Custom Features

Our range of designer fireplaces comes with a whole host of features that enable you to modify every aspect of your fire. From the heat output and flame height to the realistic crackling sound and the ambient light, there are endless options to help you customise your fireplace. 

Modern designer fireplaces are easy to control, with many offering smart features, such as remote controls or app control. By automating your fireplace settings, you can reduce fuel usage and ensure you’re not using more power than you need to. As a result, you will make your fireplace more eco-friendly every time you use it!

Which Eco-Friendly Fireplace Is Right for You? 

If you want to enhance your home with a stunning designer fireplace but you’re concerned about the impact on the planet, there is no need to be. At Bespoke Fireplace Designs, we’re committed to delivering sustainable, eco-friendly fireplaces and designing custom fireplaces that surprise and delight. 

We don’t believe that fireplaces should come at a cost to the environment, which is why we take an innovative approach to creating stunning, sustainable fireplace designs that combine form and function for optimal performance. 

To find out more or to explore our range of eco-friendly fireplaces, why not book your private in-person or virtual appointment in our exclusive fireplace studio? Contact our friendly team now on +44 (0)345 615 6518, or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our custom eco-friendly fireplaces.