Custom Bio-Ethanol

Our bio-ethanol collection are very advanced fireplaces with flames open from all sides. The simple, yet elegant design of the inserts gives a great freedom of arrangement possibilities. Together with the very easy installation method, our bio fireplaces can be arranged as stand-alone pieces of furniture, without any contact with the wall.

Custom Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces:

Enjoy a clean, safe & eco-friendly way to enjoy a luxury fireplace in your home. Our Bespoke Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces are easily installed, with a sleek, elegant and modern look with flames open from all sides. Allowing you the freedom of arrangement possibilities. Knowing the simplicity of bioethanol fireplaces you have the possibly of a variety of design briefs. From a sleek Scandi brief to a brief that encompasses the juxtaposition of modern and antique. 

They can be arranged as a standalone piece in your home, with no need for any wall contact. This flexibility provides you the freedom to create a space in your home that encapsulates your interior design brief. Bioethanol fireplaces provide an environmentally friendly solution for the sustainably concious and creates a talking point for conversation. 

Being super easy to install, these fireplaces allow the homeowner or designer the liberty to place the fireplace as a focal point or a practical component to the room. 

Choose from our Bio-Ethanol options:

  • The Prime Fire and Prime Fire 900+ is an advanced ventless ethanol fireplace insert solution. This particular bioethanol fireplace is particularly striking with its unique design and easy-to-control systems. 
  • The Fireline Automatic 3 is an intelligent luxurious long fireplace controlled via smart device over Wi-Fi. This bioethanol fireplace is available in a range of lengths and can even be combined to create as long a biothanol fireplace as required. A true statement piece. 
  • The FLA 3+ offers even longer burning without losing any of the well known style or luxury. The larger bioethanol fuel tank offers a longer burn offers convenient longevity through natural flames that offer comfort and warmth.

All luxury, modern fireplaces to add that premium touch to any room in your home. Each of the bioethanol fireplaces that we offer has their unique functionality and provides each home the opportunity to showcase their own style.


What’s the difference between a regular fireplace and a Bio-Ethanol one?

Bio-Ethanol fireplaces are cleaner, safer and more eco-friendly than traditional fireplaces. The fuel doesn’t emit any smoke or fumes so a chimney isn’t required either. Alternatively, a regular fireplace could be gas, wood or electric which all contribute a larger portion to an individual’s carbon footprint. 


Does a Bio-Ethanol Fireplace give off heat?

While not intended to be the main heat source in your home Bio-ethanol fireplaces do give off heat with even better fuel efficiency than a wood burning fireplace. 


Do I need a chimney for a Bio-Ethanol Fireplace?

No. Bio-Ethanol fireplaces do not give off any fumes or smoke so this will fit into any room regardless of having a chimney. Although a chimney maybe part of your intended design it is not necessary nor usually included with bioethanol fireplaces.


Are Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces Ecofriendly?

Yes, they are a great alternative to fossil fuel fuelled fireplaces. Bioethanol (methylated spirits) is both energy efficient and relatively environmentally friendly. Bioethanol also does not emit harmful greenhouse gases unlike gas or wood fireplaces.