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Turn Your Fireplace into a Showstopping Centrepiece

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Megan Walden

Managing Director

Here at Bespoke Fireplace Designs, we believe that a fireplace can be used for something more than just keeping warm. With our unique designs using luxury materials, our fireplaces can also be a stunning centrepiece, even when they are not in use.  

Read on to discover how to turn your fireplace into a showstopping centrepiece and find out how to embrace the latest fireplace trends to create a truly spectacular impact.

Create a Welcoming Entranceway

The entranceway of any home sets the tone for any property, so why not incorporate a luxury modern fireplace into your hallway or foyer? It will instantly provide a welcoming atmosphere that will envelop guests as they arrive or simply deliver a warm glow every time you return home.

From sleek contemporary fireplaces that are perfect in compact spaces to expansive statement pieces that always catch the eye, there are many ways to integrate designer fireplaces into a hallway or foyer and a bespoke fireplace design will reflect your interior and style from the get-go.

Integrate Seating for Added Ambience

If you truly want your fireplace to be a centrepiece, then why not integrate seating and make it into a functional space? A sunken area in a living room or entertainment zone can be a great space for a fireplace and, with integrated seating, you can make it an integral part of your home. 

Alternatively, combine a bespoke fireplace into a dining space to create a showstopping centrepiece that acts as the focal point of your room. An electric fireplace set within a marble tabletop can function perfectly as a dining table while adding an aesthetic and functional quality to the piece.

Elevate Your Kitchen with a Designer Fireplace

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and a designer fireplace can certainly enhance this space. Choose a fireplace with exposed flames and you can echo the ambience of cooking over an open fire as you whip up delicious meals and snacks. 

More homeowners are choosing to incorporate relaxed seating into kitchen areas or opting for open-plan kitchens and living spaces, and adding a designer fireplace to this space enhances the atmosphere and expands the functionality of the room. 

Add Warmth with a Copper Surround

The fireplace surround you choose will have a significant impact on the aesthetic and surrounding décor, so use this to your advantage when you’re designing a custom fireplace. Copper fireplace surrounds or hoods are particularly popular as the colour of the metal echoes the warmth of the fire.

In addition to this, copper can be a fabulous addition to both traditional and contemporary interiors, so there is plenty of scope to integrate this metal into your preferred interior design. What’s more – copper is easy to maintain and long-lasting, so you can be confident that your fireplace will look stunning for years to come. 

Design a Bespoke Fireplace Wall

A fireplace wall is a great way to make luxury gas fires, bioethanol fires or electric fires the centrepiece of your room. Ideally, you’ll choose the wall that’s opposite the door as your statement wall, as this will be the first feature people see upon entering. 

However, if the dimensions don’t allow for this, there’s no need to panic. As you don’t need a chimney or flue for an electric or bioethanol fireplace, you can transform virtually any wall into a fireplace wall, including internal walls or partitions. 

Whether you opt for a media wall with an integrated fireplace or you want to showcase prized artwork above a bespoke fireplace, a dedicated wall will act as a centrepiece and showcase your room’s best features.

Reflect Light with Metallics and Mirrors

Metallics and mirrors are a highly effective way to reflect light and are often used in interior design to maximise natural light and make a space feel more expansive. However, they can have a similar impact when used in conjunction with a designer fireplace. 

Positioning a mirror opposite a tunnel fireplace wall can provide another vantage point and will reflect the flames as they flicker, thus enhancing the atmosphere and maximising the visual impact of the fire. Similarly, choosing a metal surround or hood will reflect the warmth and visual effect, while adding texture and light to your interior design.  

Make an Impact with a Double Fireplace

If a single fireplace is a fantastic centrepiece, then a double fireplace is surely the ultimate addition to any space! Instead of adding a single fireplace in the centre of a feature wall, why not add a fireplace at either end of the wall to bookmark the feature and enhance its functionality?

Alternatively, opt for a larger fireplace towards the base of the wall with a smaller designer fireplace situated higher up the wall to create a stunning aesthetic. As well as delivering an unforgettable visual, a double fireplace will also increase the warmth generated and can, therefore, be an effective way to use your fireplace to heat the space too.  

Enjoy a Dramatic Aesthetic with a Suspended Fireplace

We’re used to seeing fireplaces situated against a wall, which is one of the reasons why suspended fireplaces have such a dramatic impact. When you choose a suspended fireplace, you can ensure it becomes a showstopping centrepiece that never fails to attract attention. 

From marble surrounds to metal bases, a floor-to-ceiling suspended fireplace is the ultimate way to enhance your interior design. With bespoke designs to reflect your style, our talented team will bring your creative ideas to life and create a custom aesthetic that elevates your décor. 

Extend Your Décor to the Outdoors

If you want the outside of your property to be as exquisite as the interior, then an outdoor fireplace or firepit is essential. Acting as a focal point and centrepiece, an outdoor designer fireplace increases the functionality of your outdoor space, as well as allowing you to incorporate your style into your exterior design. 

Creating a Bespoke, Showstopping Fireplace

Our in-house team are on hand to help you create a bespoke, showstopping fireplace that complements your interior design and makes a statement. To learn more or to start designing your bespoke fireplace, book an appointment at our exclusive fireplace studio now.