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Metalfire Closed Wood - Ultime D

Modern techniques in a pure form.

This generation of room air-independent wood-burning fireplaces with sliding door is equipped with a dynamic combustion technology, which ensures an optimum combustion and a high efficiency. The appliance operates independently from ambient air, and therefore is suitable for all houses that will be built according to the latest building regulations. Hence, a typical Metalfire product equipped with the most sophisticated techniques.

Sliding Door System Image 2

Sliding door system

When you need to clean the glass, this couldn’t be easier, thanks to the Easy Door System. You simply turn the hidden lever 180° to the left to make the panel tilt (front and tunnel models) or slide forward (corner and three-sided models). This gives you easy access to the entire surface, with any soot falling into the firebox: the extended hearth in front of the fire stays clean.
Easy Clean Door System Grey Background image

Easy clean-door system

Front and double-sided models have a door system that allows the user to tilt the glass forward so that it is easily accessible for cleaning. The glass can also be completely lifted up for easy lighting or loading of wood. Two and three-sided Ultime D models are equipped with a retractable door system so that it is easily accessed for cleaning. The glass can also by fully raised for easy lighting or loading of wood.
Defra Approved Image

DEFRA Approved

All Ultime D Front and Tunnel wood burning fires are DEFRA approved, complimenting the full range built to ECO Design 2022 requirements. (insert logos for both DEFRA and ECO-Design 2022).
Enhanced Heating Options Image

Enhanced heating options

The ceramic material used as the heating bottom is renowned for its exceptional thermal properties. This option is perfect for heat retention and a consistent, extended heating experience. Moreover, the ceramic is an organic material, emphasizing its natural appeal. On the other hand, the 20mm steel bottom, complete with a cast iron grate and ash pan, offers a distinct set of advantages. The minimalistic steel construction provides durability and strength, ensuring it can withstand high temperatures and the rigors of daily use like the ceramic bottom. The grate and ash pan are thoughtfully designed to facilitate convenient ash removal. This option is ideal for those who favor a more minimalistic fireplace setup combined with effortless maintenance and cleaning.
Spark Screen image 2

Spark screen

As an option, the Ultime D can be fitted with a spark guard. Via the folded edge, the spark guard can be easily moved up and down by hand. The purpose of the spark guard is to prevent embers and glowing particles from landing on the floor. Protect your surroundings while enjoying the mesmerizing view of the flames. Make your Ultime D fireplace even more captivating with this practical accessory. Available in Black, Maple gold or Terracotta.

Interior Options

Original Black Image


The standard interior lining is a cast iron ribbed slats which exude minimalism.
Triangle Black image


The ‘Triangle’ cast-iron slats represent a more angular approach to the inside of the fireplace.
Rounded Black image


The ‘Round’ cast-iron slats – based on a design by Belgian architect Benoit Viaene – are characterised by gentle curves.
Ceramic image 2


A striking concrete look bringing a modern, industrial charm to your space, whilst still maintaining the high-performance features that define the material.

Interior Finish Colours

Though the Standard ‘Black’ lacquer already offers the most beautiful timeless base for any fireplace, Metalfire add a new colour to their cast iron finishes for closed wood-fires.
As the name predicts, ‘Terracotta’ is a vivid orange-red lacquer, reminiscent of typical Mediterranean sceneries. A constant reminder of the sunniest of settings and a welcome pop of colour during darker days. Whenever, wherever, ‘Terracotta’ oozes pure warmth and abundance.