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10 Ideas to Decorate Your Bespoke Fireplace Tastefully for Christmas 2022

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Fireplaces are quintessentially Christmas. No matter the fuel type of your fireplace, there are options to tastefully incorporate the Christmas spirit by using your fireplace as a focal point. Whether it’s a bioethanol fireplace or one of our popular closed gas or wood burning fires add in the Christmas Spirit. We’ve compiled a list of ideas for you to refer to.

10 Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Bespoke Fireplace This Holiday Season

When decorating your space for Christmas, it’s essential not to overlook the focal point. Here are some ideas on decorating traditional or modern fireplaces for a more festive atmosphere.

1. Make a big impression with some greenery

Consider a combination of pine, fir, eucalyptus ferns and hollies. Christmas décor would not be the same without evergreen foliage, so use it to its full potential as much as possible around your fireplace. Greenery garlands look amazing and last for a long time when you choose hardy evergreen foliage.

You can also try different elements. An arrangement of grass that has been dried naturally combined with seasonal flowers, for instance, makes for an attractive display. And, of course, matching garlands and wreaths are a staple and add an earthy charm to formal, elegant spaces.

Make a statement with textured elements and lush greenery, including tendrils of fern, vibrant branches of fir, flowing vines and gleaming holly, to create a garland that showcases nature’s splendour. Use strong wire to weave the greenery around your fireplace like it’s part of the wild.

2. Sync your fireplace and tree colours

Choose a theme for your fireplace based on the theme of your Christmas tree. For instance, with a blue-hued Christmas tree, you can accent your fireplace with soft blue ornaments and greenery. You can stack presents around the fireplace surround or beside the fireplace hearth, the same way you would stack gifts under a Christmas tree; however, make sure to keep them away from open flames.

If your Christmas tree has a gold theme, decorate your fireplace in the same colour. In addition to placing ornaments and baubles made of gold around the fireplace, stockings made of gold can also be hung.

You can also wear a black and white theme for a contemporary fireplace look. Particularly popular for Christmas 2022. Use a garland of fresh evergreens, black candlesticks holding white candles and wooden nutcrackers painted white with spray paint as your decorations.

Alternatively, you don’t have to decorate your fireplace traditionally. You can choose unexpected colours like pink to make the area surrounding your fireplace seem more youthful and vibrant during the holiday season. Hang up pink stockings, floral garlands and other decorations in rosy colours.

3. Add a touch of magic using fairy lights

Consider illuminating your Christmas garland before placing it above your fireplace. Add fairy lights to a holiday garland, or thread them around candles, greeting cards and holiday ornaments. An abundance of fairy lights makes for a nice decoration. Warm white lights, in particular, are suitable in several different kinds of installations, especially around large indoor plants.

4. Combine rustic and antique charm

If you’re aiming for a rustic style, make your Christmas decorations reflect that. Use fresh foliage and old-fashioned stockings to make the room look cosy and beautiful. Around the fireplace, you can display old winter sports equipment, such as skis and snowshoes.

You can also use antique toys, such as a rocking horse or snow sledge. Put that in the centre of your fireplace decoration and include classic Christmas decorations like wreaths and candy jars.

5. Transform your space with metallics

Try spraying flowers and grasses in metallic shades to add a luxurious effect to your modern fireplace. This is best achieved with dried plants with a matte finish, such as eucalyptus and dried grass. Put stems and sprigs loosely arranged in a vase, ensuring adequate volume and height to make the display stand out. For an extra touch of glitz, use metallic garlands or decor with moon and star patterns.

6. Combine foliage and fruit

Surround a modern open fireplace with garden foliage and scatter vibrant flowers and fruits in festive colours. The display will look even more festive if you add candlelight to it.

For a vibrant and cheery feel, you can use large pinecones and leaves of magnolia as a stunning backdrop to a wreath filled with oranges. Complement these garlands with matching flowerpots.

7. Personalise your display for an authentic feel

If you have a tabletop fireplace with plenty of space, you can display something personal to you. Each person uniquely celebrates the holidays, so add some personal touches to the area surrounding your fireplace. For instance, if you enjoy crafting, you can showcase Mason jars and add fairy lights, pine cones, ferns and flowers.

8. Set up a stunning Christmas village scene

Use miniature buildings and decorative items to create an idyllic setting. If you have a built-in corner fireplace that’s open on one corner and has a long ledge on the other, use the extra surface to create a charming Christmas scene. Mini houses can be lit up with fairy lights. Place figurines of deer, lamps and pine trees around the mini houses. Be inspired by eastern European classic winter village settings, warm and cozy reminders of the quintessential Christmas village.

9. Celebrate the holidays outside

Give it some holiday attention if you have a fireplace in your patio or backyard. Just adding a minimalist garland can make a large impact. And if you already have a tree set up indoors, you can opt to add a mini Christmas tree. A mini tree lit up in fairy lights can look enchanting beside a portable bioethanol fireplace.

10. Go bold with neon

There’s no need to limit your festive foliage to evergreens. You can have a striking floral arrangement with exotic blooms while incorporating warm and rich holiday colours. To top off your arrangement, you can add a neon element to it. Neon signs with festive characters, such as reindeer, Santa or a snowman, can give your fireplace that distinctive edge and contemporary appeal.

Make the Holidays Bright with Bespoke Fireplaces

As long as they’re decorated with your personal touch, bespoke fireplaces can add a lot to the holiday experience and make it more memorable. Whether you’re looking for bespoke marble fireplaces, double-sided fireplaces, a bespoke fireplace with a TV unit above it, or other designs for fireplaces in London, Bespoke Fireplace Designs can help create the perfect one for you. Reach out to our team today.