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Bespoke Bioethanol Fireplace Ideas for Revolutionary Sustainable Homes in London

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The future of home living considers each aspect of the interior design’s environmental impact. This is especially true when choosing your home heating solutions. Bioethanol is a revolutionary alternative to wood-burning or gas fireplace designs. This article will uncover how bespoke bioethanol fireplaces are gaining popularity.

What Are Bioethanol Fires?

A bioethanol fireplace delivers real-flame heat using bioethanol instead of wood or gas. Bioethanol is a fuel derived from plants, such as sugarcane, a greener alternative to traditional burning fuels.

Bioethanol fires offer a cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly way of enjoying a real fire. The fuel emits no smoke or fumes, eliminating your need for a chimney.

Using bioethanol fires is as simple as adding bioethanol to the burner and lighting it. Typically, it burns for about four to five hours or until it is extinguished. You can also add more fuel to prolong its burning time.

Bioethanol Fireplaces and Their Growing Popularity

Bioethanol fireplaces have become increasingly popular recently, especially in newly constructed houses. Newly built homes usually have no chimney or flue to accommodate elements like a fireplace or wood stove. As for bioethanol fireplaces, none of this is necessary, making it easier for you to incorporate one into your living space.

A bioethanol fireplace is ideally suited to modern home renovations, providing a cosy fireplace feel without interfering with the home’s airtightness as chimneys do. Additionally, bioethanol fires are enjoying increased popularity due to increased awareness of environmental issues.

Why Choose Bespoke Bioethanol Fireplaces for Your Home?

A bioethanol fire offers numerous advantages over traditional sources of heat. To help you decide whether to purchase a bioethanol fireplace for your home, consider the following reasons:


The earth is the only planet we have, so we must take care of it as much as possible. The primary advantage of using a bioethanol fire is its environmental friendliness over traditional -fossil fuel fires. The environment benefits immensely by switching to bioethanol fireplaces instead of log fireplaces.

Due to the use of plant-based fuel, the flame burns cleanly and emits no harmful gases, producing only small amounts of water and CO2. Bioethanol fires are safe indoors because of this reason. Since no chimney or flue is involved, residual emissions are without odours, smoke, ashes or soot that might damage your furniture. So all you have to keep an eye on are the flames.


The visual impact of a bioethanol fireplace can be quite striking. If positioned correctly, bioethanol fireplaces will captivate guests who see their unique design.

Since bioethanol fireplace types come in various designs and styles, it’s easy to match your home with the right fireplace. If you’re looking for a sophisticated piece for your home, bioethanol fireplaces bring a new perspective to your interior decor.

Excellent supplemental heat source

Some people may wonder: Are bioethanol fires warm? A bioethanol fireplace provides warmth to a room and distributes the heat evenly. Although you shouldn’t use a bioethanol fireplace as your primary heat source, it produces plenty more efficiently than a wood stove. Real flames from a bioethanol fireplace create a cosy atmosphere while at the same time making your room feel toasty.

Electricity and gas-free

Since these fires run solely on bioethanol fuel, they do not require additional power or fuel from gas or electricity, reducing costs and simplifying operations.

Bespoke Bioethanol Fireplace Ideas

Here are some ideas for adding a traditional or modern bioethanol fireplace into your home.

Choose a recessed model

A beautiful design evokes a sense of harmony, bringing everything together seamlessly. And that precisely is what you get with a frameless or flush-mounted bioethanol fireplace.

You can, for instance, incorporate a single-sided bioethanol fireplace into an elaborate cabinet design if you would like a more traditional look. Alternatively, you can install one beneath a television to create a sleek, contemporary look.

Custom bioethanol fireplaces can be built into various spaces, from domestic to commercial buildings.

Make it the centrepiece of any room

Freestanding models make great room centrepieces. It is possible to move them outdoors as well if needed. A freestanding ethanol fire requires no fixed connections and quickly moves around the house.

Freestanding models can also be tailored in size to match your room comfortably without taking up much floor space. Consider a freestanding tabletop design to save space in a bachelor’s suite. If you have an awkward layout, freestanding units can be adjusted to fit. Those who want even greater flexibility can install a portable freestanding fireplace, allowing them to move it around according to their mood. Especially important for seasonally distinct interior design changes.

You can place a freestanding bioethanol fireplace near your favourite chair, ensuring that you stay cosy and comfortable while reading a book, entertaining guests or enjoying quiet time with a loved one. The colour can also be customised according to your preference to suit any environment.

Go linear

Rooms can be transformed by adding linear bioethanol fireplaces. A seamless sense of comfort follows whenever traditional elements combine with a contemporary aesthetic. This is evident in linear fireplaces. Linear fireplaces are more modern in style and look great in various unique settings. Long linear fireplaces and a huge flat-screen TV above create a striking focal point for any room.

Opt for see-through installations

Consider a double-sided bioethanol fireplace if you have a sophisticated, stylish space but need something to tie it all together. The beauty of a double-sided fireplace cannot be overstated. A double-sided fireplace fits perfectly against a room’s dividing wall or decorative columns with glass into opposite sides. You can see the burner from any angle through the glass set, allowing the ambient effect to permeate the room.

A double-sided fireplace adds a cosy feel while increasing a room’s usable area. To experience the beauty of bioethanol fire indoors and outdoors, you can incorporate a double-sided fireplace into an exterior-facing wall.

Make Your Dream Bioethanol Fireplace a Reality Today

Bioethanol fireplaces are stylish and bring character to your home while providing warmth without harming the environment. If you’re looking for a bespoke bioethanol fireplace that matches your style, our team at Bespoke Fireplace Designs can help create the perfect design for you. Contact us today or explore our bespoke portfolio for inspiration.