Autumn Designs for your Bespoke Fireplace

Picture of Megan Walden

Megan Walden

Managing Director

As the nights draw in and the colder days start to get closer, it’s time to wave goodbye to summer and say hello to autumn. That’s why our team of experts are here to help you create the perfect autumnal setting to suit a cosy living space for those autumn nights in front of your fireplace.

To start planning the ultimate seasonal design, take a look at our top tips for creating an autumn-themed fireplace:

1. Add Warmth with Soft Neutrals

If you have a neutral interior design, you don’t have to deviate from your preferred colour scheme to make the space feel more autumnal. Simply adding décor in soft, warm neutrals can be a great way to create a cosy feel and an updated interior. 

Porcelain, ivory, blush and even grey are warm neutrals that work well in an autumn décor. Similarly, cream, tan or blush will work equally well if you want to create an autumn fireplace that combines subtle colour and unrivalled warmth.

From vases and flowers on the mantle of a traditional fireplace to artwork or ornamental pieces alongside an inset contemporary fireplace, there are numerous ways you can incorporate soft neutral shades into your fireplace design this season. 

2. Use Designer Fireplaces for Ambient Lighting

Autumn temperatures can be variable, so you may not need to use your fireplace to generate heat just yet. However, this doesn’t prevent you from creating an unmistakable autumn feel by using an electric fireplace for ambient lighting. 

Flickering flames and even the realistic crackling sounds of a roaring fire can be enjoyed without heat being emitted from a modern fireplace, so why not make the most of your designer fireplace throughout the autumn months? 

Even if the temperature outside is relatively warm, relaxing in front of a flickering fireplace will put you at ease and allow you to embrace everything autumn has to offer. 

3. Incorporate Metallics for a Brighter Feel

Metallic shades are a fabulous way to incorporate colour and texture into a space and they work exceedingly well in autumn designs. Gold, copper and brass are inherently autumn colours, so work these into your fireplace design if you want to create a cosy environment. 

Decorative metallic pieces, such as vases or sculptures, work particularly well when they’re placed close to designer fireplaces as they reflect the flames when the fireplace is in use. This multiplies the effect of the metallic shades, brings them to life and makes the space feel warmer than ever.

4. Make a Statement at Halloween

If you love to celebrate different occasions throughout the year, there’s no doubt you’ll want to do something special for Halloween. Whether you’re hosting guests, preparing for trick-or-treaters, or you simply want to embrace the upcoming holiday season, use the opportunity to create an autumn-themed fireplace. 

The deep orange associated with pumpkins is undoubtedly an autumn colour, so you can opt for a natural display with miniature pumpkins or go all out and carve your own Halloween display. Pair with candles and netting for a spooky and scary feel. Just remember – keep open flames away from any decorative accessories!

5. Embrace Nature this Autumn

As the seasons change, it’s the perfect time to update your interior décor. To create an autumn fireplace display, look to nature and use fruits, plants and seeds that are abundant at this time of year to design your own decorative pieces.

A simple basket of logs placed next to the fireplace gives a fantastic rustic feel (even if luxury gas fires and electric fires don’t burn timber!), while pinecones, conkers and heather are ideal in autumn displays too. To add a little colour to your fireplace, incorporate flowers that bloom in autumn, such as asters, cyclamen, lilyturf and winter daffodils.

6. Hang a Wreath Above Your Fireplace

The space above your fireplace can be the ideal location for an eye-catching centrepiece. By updating this regularly, you can keep the room design feeling fresh and exciting, so why not use the opportunity to inject autumn décor into the space?

A simple wreath is a quick and easy way to update a designer fireplace and it works equally well with a traditional or modern fireplace. You can buy ready-made autumn wreaths or make your own using dried flowers, straw, dyed moss and more. 

For the ultimate autumn fireplace, incorporate subtle string lights into your wreath and enjoy the ambience as the flames from the fireplace cast gentle shadows over your latest autumn accessories. 

7. Be Subtle with Autumn Colours

If you favour a more laid back style, then you don’t have to eschew autumn designs altogether. Instead, you can use colour to give a subtle nod to the season without overwhelming the space. Switching up photo frames for burnt orange, brown or metallic alternatives is a simple yet effective way to incorporate autumn décor into a room without going overboard. 

Similarly, swap candleholders, dishes or decorative books for pieces of autumn shades and you’ll have an effortless autumn fireplace that reflects the season. 

8. Make the Most of Inset Fireplaces

While traditional fireplaces typically have a mantle and heart that are easy to decorate, an inset fireplace doesn’t prevent you from updating the surrounding décor with autumn designs. From hanging a wreath above the fireplace to placing autumn accessories on nearby shelving or in alcoves alongside the fire, decorating an inset fireplace is a fun and simple way to make your home feel more autumnal. 

Create the Perfect Fireplace in Time for Autumn

Although designer fireplaces look sensational in any season, there’s no doubt that autumn is a great time of year to enjoy a bespoke fireplace design. As the temperature dips and the nights draw in, it’s the perfect opportunity to make your home feel a little cosier with custom fireplaces.

To find out more or to start designing your luxury fireplace now, arrange an appointment with our expert team at our exclusive fireplace studio today.