How to Incorporate a Wall-Mounted Fireplace into Your Living Space

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Megan Walden

Managing Director

One of the trends that we have seen from this year is the growing popularity of wall-mounted fireplaces. However, as a specialist in luxurious fireplaces, we believe that there is more to this trend than just placing a fireplace on the wall. Here are some of our top tips on how to make your wall-mounted fireplace a centrepiece for your home life.  

1. Let a Textured Wall Showcase Your Fireplace

For a luxury wall fireplace design, why not use a textured wall to really showcase your designer fireplace? 

From shiplap walls for a rustic feel to tiles, stone and even fabric walling, there are endless options when it comes to adding texture to a designer wall fireplace. Whether it’s the subtle texture of Moroccan plaster or a more noticeable accent tile, it’s a great way to create a statement feature that will catch the eye and showcase your new fireplace to perfection. 

2. Incorporate a Wall Fireplace into an Entertainment Wall

If you have a multi-purpose living space that’s used for relaxation and entertainment, then a wall-mounted fireplace can be an exquisite addition to an entertainment wall. For example, with a modern wall fireplace set beneath a television, you can enjoy the ambience of a roaring fire as you catch up on your favourite shows and the latest releases.

By incorporating your chosen games consoles or music systems into the design, it’s easy to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing entertainment wall that delivers fun for all the family. What’s more – integrating a bespoke wall fireplace into an entertainment wall allows you to centralise your tech into a distinct and compact area, while leaving the rest of the space free to unleash your creativity. 

3. Repurpose an Unused Chimney Breast

If your property once housed a traditional fireplace that’s since been removed, it’s likely that the chimney breast has been capped and perhaps plastered over. If so, you’ve got the ideal location for a wall-mounted fireplace. 

The protruding chimney breast makes a great backdrop for a designer wall fireplace with alcoves on either side. Whether you paint the chimney breast in an accent shade, use patterned wallpaper to make the space pop, or opt for soft neutrals, the structural design will ensure the fireplace becomes an eye-catching feature. 

4. Segment the Space with a Tunnel Fireplace

In large or open-plan spaces, an extra interior wall can segment the space and give more structure to your interior design. This is particularly useful if you want to turn an existing living space into a multi-functional area in your home. 

However, a new interior wall needn’t be a drab addition. With a tunnel fireplace, you can create a spectacular showpiece that’s visible from all angles. Mounted within the wall, a tunnel fireplace can be seen from either side, so you’ll always have a fantastic view of the flames from wherever you happen to be. 

5. Add Drama with Contrasting Colours

For a sleek way to incorporate a bespoke wall fireplace into your living space, consider using contrasting colours. A black surround against a white wall instantly brings a fireplace to life, for example. 

One of the benefits of this interior design strategy is that it works with any colour palette and style. Whether you’re a fan of bold, vibrant colours or you prefer soothing neutral tones, simply choose contrasting shades within the palette to incorporate a wall-mounted fireplace into your living space.

6. Go Sleek with Slate Surrounds

Using natural materials in your interior design elevates the appearance of the space, as well as adding texture and depth. Slate is a particularly popular material due to its durability and on-trend grey tone and you can incorporate it into your fireplace design with ease.

Narrow slate tiles can be used to create a subtle fireplace surround that encompasses a bespoke wall fireplace, for example. Alternatively, use larger slate tiles to create an accent wall with your designer wall fireplace as the centrepiece.

7. Offset Your Design with a Corner Fireplace

Many people assume that a bespoke wall fireplace should be mounted in the centre of a wall to create symmetry, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, a designer corner fireplace can be a fabulous way to vary your interior design. 

A corner fireplace is exactly what it sounds like – a fireplace with a built-in fire that’s integrated into a recess in the wall. As well as delivering a fantastic view of the fireplace, this allows you to integrate the fireplace into a wider variety of spaces. So, no matter what shape your living space is or what structural features you’re working around, a wall-mounted corner fireplace can be used to elevate its interior design. 

8. Use a Compact Fireplace on Narrow Walls

If you don’t have a lot of wall space left to use, don’t let this put you off incorporating a wall-mounted fireplace into your living space. With a compact design, a luxury fireplace can be integrated into even the narrowest of walls. 

Perhaps larger walls have been cut away to create more space for storage or maybe you’ve done away with the majority of interior walls to enjoy an open plan feel? Whatever the reason, a designer compact fireplace adds visual interest to narrow walls and turns them from a functional feature into a style statement.

Elevate Your Living Space with Designer Fireplaces

Every living space can be enhanced with the right fireplace and there are no limits when it comes to integrating a luxury fireplace into your home. A wood burning, bioethanol, or gas fireplace can be a great option if you have a flue or chimney in your living space but, if you’d prefer not to add them, then an electric or biogas fireplace will give you all the functionality and flexibility you need. 

With endless design options, a bespoke fireplace gives you the opportunity to create a luxury statement piece that aligns with your interiors. To find out more, arrange a virtual or in-person appointment at our exclusive fireplace studio now.