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Fireplace Trends in 2023 to Keep an Eye On

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Megan Walden

Managing Director

The year 2023 will bring a variety of changes to the interior design industry. From colour choices to sustainable heating options, here are 7 trends to look out for in 2023.

Sleek Style

For the ultimate contemporary fireplace, choose a sleek, in-built style that’s cleverly integrated into your interior design. Blending ultra modern gas fires into your wall design delivers a subtle, almost imperceptible shift from one feature to another and creates a calming, tranquil feel. 

Using natural materials and neutral colours is a great way to seamlessly blend one feature into another, and this works exceedingly well with bespoke fireplaces. Transition from a neutral wall to a sleek style fireplace or a custom marble surround, for example, and you’ll instantly create a contemporary interior that’s both refined and discreet yet stimulating and dynamic.

Hanging Fireplace

If you want your fireplace to be a main focal point, look no further than hanging styles. Descending from the ceiling, a suspended fireplace can be used to create a modernist interior or to add a traditional, rustic feel to a contemporary room. 

A streamlined, closed hearth, steel hanging fireplace over an indoor firepit can make a superb ultramodern feature, while an open hearth, suspended fireplace can blend old and new styles to create a bespoke interior. 

The option to install a suspended fireplace in any location ensures you can integrate this feature into your interior design for maximum impact and practicality. You may choose to combine a suspended fireplace with a family seating area or an entertainment zone. Whatever your style, you can be sure that a suspended fireplace will add the finishing touches.

Glass-Fronted Fireplaces

If you’re looking for a modern electric fireplace, why not consider a glass-fronted feature that will maximise thermal efficiency as well as look spectacular? Glass-fronted fireplaces have grown in popularity in recent months, and it’s easy to see why. Glass fronted gas fireplaces are an environmentally friendly alternative to electric fireplaces and are definitely becoming more popular this year. 

Capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures, a glass-fronted fireplace will give you extra peace of mind if you have children or pets at home, but it isn’t just the practical benefits that will keep these fireplaces on trend in 2023. Enjoy the inimitable look and feel of a real fire, combined with the contemporary finish of a glass insert and increased thermal efficiency to keep you feeling cosy and warm. 

Cherished Renovations

When your property is filled with character and original features, breathing new life into existing elements can be the ultimate way to elevate the space. From Victorian decorative tiled surrounds to the clean lines and architectural stone of Tudor fireplaces, there are a variety of ways to renovate original fireplaces and make them an integral part of your home. 

While you may choose to renovate an old fireplace in its original style, you could add a contemporary twist to an existing feature when you renovate a traditional fireplace. Combining an existing surround with a modern gas fireplace allows you to blend modern styles with classical design and update your interior while paying homage to your property’s original architecture.

Low-Carbon Fireplaces

To reduce your carbon footprint and make your home eco-friendlier, opt for a modern bioethanol fireplace that will look spectacular and burn cleanly for as long as you want it to. Bioethanol is derived from plants, which makes it much ‘greener’ than traditional fossil fuels. When used to power your fireplace, it will generate real flames yet won’t emit harmful gases and only produces small amounts of CO2. 

As bioethanol fires don’t produce smoke, ash, or soot, you don’t need to have a chimney or flue, which makes them a super-flexible option, particularly in modern buildings that may not have a chimney incorporated into their design. 

As well as being an environmentally friendly option, modern bioethanol fireplaces are also available in a wide range of designs, so it’s easy to find a sustainable style that complements your interior. Our bespoke bioethanol fireplace designs feature flames open from all sides, which gives you and your designer the freedom to choose from a wide array of arrangements. 

Freestanding Fireplaces

Traditional fireplaces were built into walls so that smoke could be channelled up and out of the chimney, but modern designs mean this is no longer necessary. In fact, when it comes to modern gas fires or bioethanol fireplaces, there needn’t be any wall contact at all, which means you can enjoy complete artistic freedom when designing your interiors. 

A freestanding design is a fabulous way to ensure your fireplace is a striking focal point and the main feature in any room. From simple, contemporary styles to bold and eye-catching, there are endless ways to enhance your surroundings with bespoke freestanding fireplaces and they’re sure to be a popular feature in 2023.

Room-Dividing Fireplaces

Although open plan living has been popular for some time, we’re seeing homeowners opt for a subtle segmentation when renovating their properties. As residential properties become living spaces and work-from-home hubs, there is now a noticeable demand for more delineated spaces and transitional zones. 

It’s this trend that’s set to see room-dividing fireplaces become increasingly popular over the next 12 months, as homeowners strive to enhance the practicality of their open plan living spaces while retaining an expansive and uncluttered feel. 

Using a contemporary electric fireplace, bespoke bioethanol fireplace, or a modern gas fireplace to separate a room into distinct areas is a savvy way to seamlessly transition from one area to another without limiting the flow of the interior. Whether you’re planning to separate the kitchen from your living space, the dining area from an entertainment zone or a workspace from a relaxation area, a contemporary fireplace is the perfect feature to achieve your design goals. 

Exploring 2023 Fireplace Trends

If you want to explore the latest fireplace trends, it’s easy to assume you’ll need to head to a fireplace shop in London or a trade show in a major city. However, our bespoke design studio provides all the inspiration you need when it comes to exquisite fireplace design and up-to-minute trends. To discover what’s hot in 2023, contact us to book your private in-person or virtual appointment now!