Megan Walden
Managing Director

There are several ways that a fireplace can be used to control a point of focus in a room. From two-way fireplaces from the living room to front room, or perhaps in an open plan room to define two areas, fireplaces have a multitude of uses in interior designs.

Here, we explore how you can use 2-way fireplaces as eye-catching room dividers and provide you with inspiration for your own showstopping interior design:

Standalone Wall

Depending on the layout of your space, you may already have a feature wall that is capable of housing a double sided fireplace. If so, a two sided fireplace can easily be integrated into the existing feature to enhance its visual impact and increase its functionality. 

Alternatively, why not install a partition wall to segment the space, update the layout and make the perfect space for a double sided fire? Whether you opt for a neutral shade that’s in keeping with your existing interior or you add a pop of colour with an accent shade, a standalone feature wall can transform the feel of a room, particularly when it’s combined with a striking two sided fireplace.

Separate Kitchen and Dining with a Double Sided Fire

Many open plan living spaces incorporate both kitchen and dining areas but adding a room divider fireplace gives you the option to separate this spaces while retaining the look and feel of a large and airy room. 

What’s more – a room divider fireplace can be as large or as small as you choose, so there is complete flexibility to design a double sided fireplace that discreetly adds definition to the space or a two sided fireplace that significantly alters the layout of the space. 

Freestanding Fireplace

A freestanding fireplace is, perhaps, the easiest way to place a double sided fireplace between two rooms, as you don’t need to make major changes to the room layout or your existing interior. In fact, a bespoke freestanding fireplace can be integrated quickly and easily to create a sensational feature. 

As well as being visually appealing, a freestanding double sided fire can have practical benefits too. If a large or open plan space is difficult to heat, segmenting the area with a two sided fireplace will add warmth, in addition to enhancing the visual impact of your interior design. 

Panoramic Flames

A panoramic fireplace looks spectacular in any setting, but they are particularly striking when they’re used as room dividers. Typically housed in glass, a panoramic fireplace allows you to revel in the glow of a hearty fire while enjoying contemporary styling or ultramodern design. 

When integrated into a standalone feature wall or used as a freestanding fire, you can ensure that all aspects of a panoramic fireplace can be enjoyed to the max, but these aren’t the only options. Installing a panoramic fireplace so that it protrudes slightly from the wall ensures it can be enjoyed from three or even four aspects. 

Suspended Fireplace

If a two sided fireplace isn’t quite right for your needs, why not opt for a hanging fireplace instead? Suspended from the ceiling, this design can act as a great focal piece and an effective room divider. With a variety of bespoke designs, you can even enjoy 360° views of your new fireplace and combine a suspended fireplace with an interior firepit or freestanding two-way fire. 

Cosy Seating Areas

Even in larger spaces, it can be visually and practically advantageous to create cosy nooks and discreet hideaways that provide a larger degree of privacy or a space for tranquillity. Whether you plan on catching up with some work, settling down with a good book, or simply practising mindfulness for a few moments, a cosy seating area can be an exquisite addition to an open plan room and a two sided fireplace is a gorgeous way to create the space.

The presence of a double sided fireplace effectively segments the space, while the softness of the flames prevents the demarcation from being too harsh or linear. Instead, you can achieve a gentle transition into a more secluded area of the room when you opt for a contemporary double sided fireplace to create a cosy seating area.

Elegant Entertainment Walls

A feature wall can work well as the centre of an ‘entertainment zone’, particularly in busy living areas. If you have a television mounted on a dividing feature wall, for example, why not enhance its visual appeal by integrating a double sided fireplace too? 

A two sided fireplace set beneath a television or music system helps to create a relaxing ambience while you’re enjoying some downtime and creates a spectacular aesthetic at any time of day. From panoramic glass and brushed steel to marble, granite, or handcrafted tiles, there are endless ways to tailor the design to complement your interior and reflect your personal style. 

Asymmetrical Fireplace Design

When you’re considering how to incorporate a double sided fireplace into your interior design, don’t assume that symmetry is the goal. In fact, an asymmetrical design is often preferred, particularly if you want your fireplace to make a statement and catch the eye. 

An asymmetrical design can be achieved in many ways, such as varying the materials used to create a bespoke fireplace surround, for example. Alternatively, a standalone feature wall can be home to a double sided fire and an accompanying wood cube or an off-centre flue stack. 

Designing a Room Divider Fireplace

With so many options to choose from, designing a bespoke room divider fireplace is a great way to create a custom finish that complements your interior design perfectly. When you’re using a two way fireplace as a room divider, there are practical and functional factors, as well as design considerations, to take into account, so be sure to assess how the flow of the space will be affected. 

To learn more or to discuss your fireplace designs in more detail, contact a member of our experienced team today or arrange an in-person or virtual appointment at our exclusive fireplace studio.