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Our Fireplace Studio

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Megan Walden

Managing Director

A dedicated ‘in-house’ bespoke fireplace design studio, showcasing a carefully curated collection of our gorgeous gas, wood burning, bio ethanol and electric fires. 

After many years of working from the comfort of a small office, our Bespoke Fireplace Designs showroom opened its doors in June 2015.

Offering private appointments for architects, interior designers, developers + end clients to view the quality of our bespoke fires, live on display. 

It took several months of careful planning and preparations to install a beautiful selection of our gas and wood burning fires, which has now expanded to include bio ethanol and electric fires too.

The Studio

As you enter our fireplace showroom, you are greeted by a stunning 4-sided suspended glass fireplace. The quality and precision of our engineering is undeniable, from the perfectly mitred corners on the hanging glass, to the high spec remote system included with all of our gas fires. 

We use this central fireplace as great starting point for any hanging fire, as we discuss the finer logistics of the suspension, weights, glass and finish options, along with the fuel type choices available for these designs. 

Our suspended fireplaces don’t have to be bespoke either! We have a small collection of hanging wood burning fires on our dedicated website – www.bespokewoodburners.co.uk

Facing the suspended gas fireplace, we have a 2m wide line burner with white stone fuel bed. These designs are open gas fires, which can be designed and manufactured to any length and shape! On several projects, we have been asked to manufacture these burners into a curved radius which look phenomenal. 

The interior lining on this fireplace is a black ceramic glass, which provides a beautiful reflection of the flames behind, which gives an extra dimension to the fireplace design.

On the opposite side of the showroom, we have a collection of our Kalfire balanced flue gas fires. Our showroom Kalfire collection includes the GP105-79F and GP80-55C from our Prestige range of fires, offering authentic flame patterns, with high efficiency and heat outputs. The GP105-79F also has anti-reflective glass, so you get the illusion of an open gas fire, with the benefits of a balanced flue fireplace.

The feature everyone didn’t know they needed until they visit is the Natural Spark Generator, omitting sparks into the fireplace intermittently, simulating the effect of spitting embers. Both Prestige models also include the innovative LED hybrid base, which gives a glow underneath the logs, which can be used independently from the flames in those warmer summer months.

More information on our Kalfire Prestige range can be found on – https://www.www.bespokefireplacedesigns.co.uk/kalfire-gasfire-prestige-features/

As you head towards the back of the fireplace studio, we have the Trimline 120 Tunnel balanced flue gas fire, with battery operated remote system and ceramic log fuel bed. This range of fires has models from 38cm wide up to 1.7m wide, and can be paired with a fan extracted flue system for extra long routes.

Peaking its head in the back-left corner, we have the luxurious Kalfire W90-47S wood burner, with full retractable glass door. This beautiful fireplace includes a single pane of 3-sided glass, which can be burnt as an open or closed fireplace. This model displays a lamella steel interior, with the Skamol and Designer ribbed interiors available to view alongside. 

Opposite the wood burner, we have a 1.2m wide 3-sided bespoke fireplace, with high quality ceramic log fuel bed. This design includes clear partial glass to close down the opening on the fire, which some clients have to choose to aid the draw within their flue system. By adding glass, this reduces the volume of air into the chimney, helping the chances of achieving natural draught. 

The purpose of adding glass onto this fire is to show our clients how discrete this can be done, with frameless designs to provide unobstructed views of the flames. 

A few new additions to our fireplace showroom (which have yet to be photographed) are the amazing new Planika bio ethanol fires. We have the FLA3 790 on live display in the studio, which is from a high specification range allowing for burners to be custom made to your chosen length and RAL finish.

Since launching the Planika range in our collection in 2021, the demand has been incredible! Integrating these beautiful new burners into our bespoke designs has been fantastic, with new installations happening all the time. Stay tuned for new posts on our Social Media pages throughout Summer. 

Planika also boast about being NET-ZERO which is such a current topic, and has been a top selling point for these fires. Find out more information on our blog post – Net-Zero Fireplaces

The final new addition to the Bespoke Fireplace Designs showroom is the Kalfire E-One electric fire. 

The free-standing model is on live display, with some of the most popular add-on features available to view in person. This unique electric fire has dual HD technology available, projecting the flames in front and behind the luxury ceramic log fuel bed. There is ‘Atmos Lighting’ and ‘Atmos Sound’ included with all models, and a 2kW heating element available on the built-in models. 

Every client who has visited the showroom cannot believe the authenticity of this electric fire, with many coming in for one type of fire, and leaving with an order for the E-One.

Every fire in the showroom has been selected and designed carefully, to cover many styles, burner types, configurations and finish options, to allow our clients to see the quality of our fireplaces in person.


The Team

When booking your appointment in the bespoke fireplace showroom, one of our specialists will send you details on any fires you’re particularly interested in beforehand. 

If you’re travelling from afar and would prefer to use public transport, liaise with one of our team and we would be more than happy to collect you from a near train station and offer a return journey at no cost. 

During your visit to the showroom, you will have unlimited time for your appointment to ensure every detail on your unique project is discussed thoroughly. Being able to view a selection of the fires on live display will allow you to envisage your design perfectly, and gives you the opportunity to see features you may never have known you wanted. 

No stone will be unturned during your appointment with our design team, and we can create 3D sketches there-and-then to help tweak and develop your fireplace design.  

Contact our Fireplace Design team to book your private appointment with one of our specialists.