Megan Walden
Managing Director

The desire of a grand interior design plan is to make an impact. Create a talking point and add drama with the use of specialised items in the rooms. Sometimes it’s artwork, or a statement furniture piece, or could it be an awe-inspiring panoramic fireplace? We’ll discuss the popularity of panoramic fireplaces in London.

What Is a Panoramic Fire?

Contemporary fireplaces are often referred to as ‘panoramic’, but the term typically refers to three-sided fireplaces that are encased in glass. With three sides of the fire visible, a panoramic fireplace provides an exceptional view of your favourite feature from virtually anywhere in the room and adds to the ambience and character of the space. 

Of course, there are many variations when it comes to panoramic fireplaces, which is one of the reasons they’re so popular in London homes. Whether you live in a sprawling Georgian townhouse, a character-filled Victorian family home or a chic, modern apartment overlooking the city, panoramic fireplaces are the ultimate addition to your living space.

How Do You Power a Panoramic Fireplace Use?

A bespoke panoramic fireplace gives you the flexibility to choose what type of power you’d like to use. 

Electric Panoramic Fireplaces

If you’re looking for a panoramic electric fireplace in the UK, you’ve come to the right place! Perhaps one of the easiest ways to power your fireplace, electric combines ease of use with spectacular visual effects and zero emissions. 

Featuring ultra-realistic flames, an electric panoramic fireplace looks every inch like a real fire but uses the latest technology to mimic the look and feel of a traditional fire. Depending on the particular model you choose, you’ll be able to adjust the appearance, noise and intensity of the flames to create a wonderful ambience.

Gas Panoramic Fireplaces

If you have an existing gas line running to your property, you want to install one or you’d like a fireplace that can run on LPG, a closed panoramic gas fire could fit the bill. With the same hyper-realistic functionality as an electric fireplace, gas panoramic fireplaces enable you to achieve the design style you’re after while using the most convenient source of power to your property. 

Bioethanol Panoramic Fireplaces

As bioethanol doesn’t emit fumes or smoke, a bioethanol fireplace is a cleaner and more sustainable option than a traditional fire. However, this isn’t the only benefit associated with bioethanol fires. As these fireplaces source their power from in-built bioethanol tanks, they’re easy to install and offer an endless range of design options. 

A panoramic bio ethanol fireplace can be integrated into an exterior wall or situated freestanding in the centre of a room, for example. 

With multiple safety sensors integrated into your fireplace, you can enjoy natural flames without the worry and even opt for sleek and modern styles that feature open flames from every side. Whether you’re eco-conscious, fashion-forward or both, the practical, visual and environmental benefits of a panoramic bioethanol fireplace make them a great option when you’re searching for the perfect London fireplace. 

Wood Fuelled Fireplaces

Wood-fuelled panoramic fireplaces are a great way to add warmth and character to any area. Not only do they provide an attractive centrepiece, but they also provide an efficient and cost-effective way of heating a space. 

With a wood-fuelled fireplace, you can enjoy the beauty of a real wood fire without the hassle of smoke or ash. The panoramic view of the flame gives off a mesmerising effect, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Wood-fuelled fireplaces are also incredibly easy to install and can be used in virtually any space, indoors or out. With the right maintenance, they can be a reliable source of heat for years to come.

Designing Your Panoramic Fireplace

A bespoke panoramic fire is the ultimate addition to any property. With the freedom to create a fireplace that complements the interior and the character of the property, a bespoke panoramic fireplace elevates the space and delivers a luxurious feel alongside a decadent visual impact. When you’re considering which features are best for your panoramic fireplace, don’t forget these important design elements:

Wall Mounted

A panoramic fireplace can be mounted on to the wall or integrated into an existing wall to deliver a streamlined finish. Both exterior and interior walls make an ideal backdrop for panoramic fires, so be sure to think flexibly about how to use the feature to maximum effect.

You may want to incorporate a double-sided fireplace between two rooms using an interior wall, for example, or you may choose to install a panoramic fireplace as a welcoming feature in a spacious hallway or foyer. 


A standalone fireplace really is a statement feature and it can be the ideal decorative accessory. Freestanding panoramic fireplaces grab attention and draw the eye, which means you can make your new fireplace a primary design feature. 

From ceramic islands and coffee tables to stone edifices or marble plinths, a freestanding fire can be incorporated into a variety of features to create a totally unique and awe-inspiring fireplace in London. 

Interior Features

The interior features of your panoramic fireplace will complete the look and ensure your new fire perfectly complements the surrounding interior. No matter what your style, a bespoke design will accentuate the style of the space and add a sense of luxury to your home. 

A light stone finish on the interior of a panoramic fireplace can be a perfect match for contemporary spaces, while a black ribbed steel interior finish offers an effortlessly modern design. Alternatively, why not consider natural stone as the backdrop to your panoramic fire or black ceramic glass with a high gloss finish for an extra opulent feel?

Fireplace Fillings

When designing a custom panoramic fireplace for a London property, you’ll also need to consider what type of fillings you’d like set within the fireplace itself. If you’re after a traditional feel, a hand-painted ceramic log fuel bed delivers a modern fireplace that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Alternatively, maximise the contemporary feel of your gas-powered panoramic fireplace with white or grey stones as the fuel bed. For something truly special, enjoy the dark grey shimmer of cryptonite in your panoramic fire.  

Bespoke Fireplaces for Homes in London

The capital is home to spectacular architecture and a wide range of property styles, which means that there is plenty of design freedom when it comes to renovating or decorating your home. No matter what style your property is, our talented team will help you to design a bespoke panoramic fireplace that elevates the space and strikes the perfect tone.

To learn more, contact Bespoke Fireplace Designs on +44 (0)345 615 6518 or email us at [email protected] to arrange a private in-person or virtual appointment at our design studio.