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A Designer’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Fireplace

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Megan Walden

Managing Director

When it comes to interior design, a bespoke fireplace can be the perfect centrepiece that ties a room together. A bespoke fireplace design can act as a visually appealing element as well as add practically warm sophistication to a room. Choosing the right fireplace for a home can be filled with options, but with this guide, you’ll be able to pick the perfect fireplace for your interior design needs.

Form vs Function

Before you begin thinking about what your contemporary fireplace will look like, consider what you want to achieve with this new feature. Will your fireplace serve as part of the décor, or will it be the main source of heat in the room? Alternatively, you may want a feature fireplace that will provide additional heating, in conjunction with an underfloor system. 

When you’re using a fireplace as a main heating source, it’s important to calculate the amount of power required to heat the area. Numerous factors, such as insulation, flooring materials, altitude and region should be taken into account when determining how much power is required to use your new fireplace as a main heat source. 

Choosing a Fuel Source

Another consideration when choosing a contemporary fireplace is what fuel source you wish to use. There are plenty of options when it comes to fuel sources, and each has its pros and cons. A wood-burning open fireplace can look spectacular, for example, but you’ll need a vertical flue route through to the roof to provide adequate ventilation. 

If you’re eager to reduce the carbon footprint of your property, a bioethanol contemporary fireplace might be your first choice. With no smoke or fumes being emitted, you won’t require a chimney or flue and their flexible installation options allow you to choose from an array of modern fireplace designs. 

Alternatively, our balanced flue gas fires only require a 1m minimum vertical flue and can be routed horizontally to exit via an external wall. This added flexibility ensures virtually every home can benefit from a gas-powered feature fireplace.

Of course, electric artisan fireplace designs are also exceedingly popular, particularly as an electric-powered fire does not require a flue or chimney. Providing it has access to electrical power, an electric modern fireplace can be situated anywhere in your home.

Feature Fireplace or Subtle Addition?

A fireplace is an inimitable feature that can enhance any space, but it isn’t always the main focal point in a room. Before you begin thinking about the design of the fireplace itself, consider what you want the fireplace to achieve in terms of its visual impact.

Will your new fireplace be the main design feature, or will it complement existing décor? If the latter, how dominant do you want your contemporary fireplace to be? Should it draw the eye the moment you enter the room, or will it be a subtle addition that adds to the overall ambience and atmosphere?

A striking, standalone artisan fireplace design can work well if you’re after a showstopping feature fireplace, for example, whereas an integrated panoramic fireplace can deliver a sleek, stylish and understated finish. You could also consider a suspended or hanging fireplace as a Pièce de Résistance.

Selecting the Right Materials

A bespoke fireplace design gives you the freedom to start from scratch and create a modern fireplace that’s the perfect addition to your home. From the charm and durability of granite to chic, unobtrusive glass, there are endless options when it comes to the choice of materials for your fireplace

If you’re decorating a room from scratch, the material you choose for your fireplace might set the tone for the rest of the décor. However, if you’re adding a contemporary fireplace to a room that has recently been renovated, you’ll want to make sure that the material and style complement and enhance the surroundings. 

A steel canopy and base, in conjunction with heat-resistant glass, delivers a contemporary, minimalist feel that complements modern interiors, for example, while slate tiles on a standalone fireplace surround provide a bold yet natural look that adds visual texture to the interior.   

Structuring the Space with a Modern Fireplace

When traditional chimneys were used for ventilation, fireplaces typically always resided on or in the wall but there is far more flexibility when it comes to modern fireplaces. With professional installation and bespoke flue routes, even wood burning and gas-powered fireplaces can be situated in a variety of indoor locations. 

A modern fireplace can be a fantastic way to add structure to a room, particularly if you want to create a more intimate space. For example, adding a fireplace wall to an open-plan area can effectively break up an expansive area and give more character and individuality to the space. 

Creating a bespoke media wall with a fireplace can also be another way to customise the space to enhance its visual impact and merge form with function. A panoramic fireplace with TV above ensures your new feature is front and centre of your entertainment space, while a contemporary design means a modern fireplace will complement any combination of tech devices. 

Interior Features and Design

The interior features of your digital fireplace should add to its overall effect and play a key role in complementing the surrounding décor. Ceramic logs and ‘Natural Spark Generator’ technology mimic a real fire to create a super-authentic modern fireplace that adds comfort and cosiness, for example, while black ceramic glass, steel liners and white stones or cryptonite deliver a contemporary feel that’s perfect for a modern fireplace. 

Choosing Your New Fireplace

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want your feature fireplace to look like or you’re unsure how a digital fireplace can be integrated into your home, our experienced designers are on hand to help bring your ideas to life. 

Our custom-made fireplaces are produced according to your individual specifications, so choosing the perfect fireplace has never been easier. With in-house design specialists to assist with your concept to skilled engineers to beautifully manufacture your custom fireplace, we pride ourselves on creating unique, modern fireplaces that enrich, warm and inspire.

For inspiration or to discuss your requirements in more detail, why not book an appointment at our exclusive fireplace studio now?