Megan Walden
Managing Director

With Halloween fast approaching this is a perfect chance to put your custom bioethanol fireplace to good use. Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated Halloween party or a horror movie marathon, there are lots of ways you can tie your fireplace to your Halloween celebrations.

For the ultimate inspiration, take a look at our top spooktacular ideas for decorating a fireplace for Halloween: 

1. Do Some Prep Work

Designer fireplaces can be the focal point of any Halloween event, but you’ll want to make sure your fireplace is in tip-top condition before your guests arrive. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your fireplace and take the time to spruce up the surround too. Keeping the area around the burner clean is particularly important for optimal functionality, so make this a priority. 

Remember to top up the fireplace with fuel so you can enjoy the flames without worrying about having to top up the tank and carefully clean up any spills to ensure maximum safety. 

2. Rely on Flames for Ambient Lighting

Lighting has a significant impact on how a space looks and feels. If you want to up the ante this Halloween, why not forego regular interior lighting and rely solely on your bioethanol fireplace to illuminate the space?

The darker interior, combined with flickering flames, will give the space an undoubtedly spooky feel and will keep your guests on edge as the Halloween fun gets underway. (Just make sure there’s enough light to enable people to move around safely!).

3. Choose a Spooky Theme

If you’re hosting a Halloween house party, you can develop great fireplace décor ideas simply by choosing a spooky theme for your event. From bats or pumpkins to witches’ hats or skulls, there are endless eerie themes to choose from for this seasonal event.

Once you’ve decided which one is right for your Halloween party, you can simply integrate associated décor and accessories into your fireplace design for maximum impact. 

4. Make Your Fireplace a Focal Point

Bioethanol fireplaces are often popular because they’re eco-friendly and sustainable but they’re also particularly flexible when it comes to placement. As you don’t need to connect a bioethanol fireplace to a chimney or flue, you can situate them virtually anywhere in your home. What’s more – they’re a great choice if you want to integrate a suspended fireplace into your interior design. 

This flexibility means your fireplace can be a focal point at any time of year but why not turn it into something extra special at Halloween? Add Halloween décor to a serving table or bar and situate it close to your fireplace to ensure it plays an integral role in your Halloween party. 

5. Add Some Colour with Seasonal Pumpkins

Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween, which is why they’re perfect for Halloween fireplace décor. You can unleash your creativity and carve a variety of faces or designs into each pumpkin before placing them around the fireplace or simply settle for the natural look and arrange pumpkins artistically on the hearth of the fireplace. 

If you want to achieve a ‘less is more’ aesthetic, use mini pumpkins or gourds to create Halloween-themed arrangements. As well as being easier to decorate your fireplace with, these are more ‘cute’ than ‘spooky’, which can be ideal if you’re inviting younger guests to your Halloween party!

6. Welcome Some Spooky Friends

If your modern fireplace has a hearth, platform or seating nearby, don’t miss out on the chance to welcome some spooky friends in the form of faux skeletons! Whether it’s a single skeleton sitting on the hearth of the fireplace or a group of them holding court around your fireplace, you can be sure it will bring a smile to the face of your guests!

7. Give Guests a Fright with an Outdoor Fireplace

The flexible functionality of a bioethanol fireplace means they can make great outdoor fireplaces, as well as being used indoors. If you’re thinking of installing a firepit or outdoor fireplace, bioethanol can deliver the features and aesthetics you’re looking for, while being easy to maintain and use. 

For spooky events like Halloween, being outdoors in the dark with only the flames from a contemporary fireplace to light the way is undeniably nerve-racking. To really give your guests a fright, set up a Halloween treasure hunt complete with scary props and jump-inducing surprises!

8. Choose a Minimalist Design

If you favour minimalist interior design, there are plenty of Halloween fireplace ideas that will play into your preferred aesthetic. Black and white are ideal colours for Halloween décor, so opt for these if you want to keep things simple, elegant or minimalist. 

From black and white candles set atop the fireplace mantle to checkerboard bunting to decorate the base of your fireplace, there are plenty of Halloween ideas that are in-keeping with minimalist interiors or a contemporary fireplace.  

9. Make Safety a Top Priority

There’s no doubt that decorating your fireplace and your home is a great way to celebrate Halloween but remember to double-check that any fireplace décor is situated safely. This is particularly important if you’re going to be using the fireplace during the festivities. 

Some Halloween decorations can be flammable, for example, and mustn’t be placed too close to an open flame or high heat. Similarly, decorations may be at risk of melting if they’re too close to the fireplace, so think about how you plan to use your fireplace and adjust your décor accordingly. 

Designing Your Fireplace for Halloween

While bioethanol fireplaces are easy to decorate for any occasion, these aren’t the only types of fireplaces that can play a key role in your Halloween celebrations. Whether you have a designer electric fireplace or luxury gas fires, be sure to use Halloween décor to keep your home on trend this season. 

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