Top 9 Tips for Bespoke Fireplace Maintenance

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Megan Walden

Managing Director

As summer draws to a close we want to make sure your fireplace is reaching its full potential. Take a look at some of our top tips to ensure your bespoke fireplace is keeping you warm for the months that lie ahead.  

1. Clean Your Fireplace

If you haven’t used your designer fireplaces over the summer months, it’s well worth giving them a spruce up before the colder weather arrives. Not only will this ensure your fireplace looks fantastic, but it will enhance its functionality too.

Remember – follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and check what products can be used to clean your fireplace before you get started!

2. Sweep the Chimney or Flue

If you have wood-burning or luxury gas fires that rely on chimneys or flues, it’s important to ensure these are cleaned regularly too. Over time, debris can build up and could affect the performance and safety of your fireplace.

While you may not want to start sweeping chimneys or cleaning flues yourself, there are plenty of professional firms that specialise in chimney or flue maintenance. By engaging them now, you can make sure your bespoke fireplaces are ready for use throughout autumn and winter.

3. Stock Up on Fuel

If you have a designer electric fireplace, it will get its power from the mains, while luxury gas fires can also run from the main gas inlet to your property. However, some gas fires may be powered using LPG. If so, you’ll need to ensure that you have a safe storage space to keep the fuel and a steady supply to enable you to use your fireplace frequently during the colder months.

Similarly, you’ll need to make sure you have sufficient supplies of fuel if you have bioethanol fireplaces installed in your home. These eco-friendly fireplaces are a great option, but you won’t want to run out of bioethanol, as you will risk being unable to use your much-loved, sustainable fireplace. 

4. Update Surrounds

Bespoke fireplace designs allow you to create unique fireplaces that complement your property and its interior design, but this doesn’t mean you can’t introduce new features from time-to-time. By doing so, you can keep the design feeling fresh and ensure your contemporary fireplace remains in-keeping with your interior style. 

If you have an inset fireplace, for example, changing the colour of the surrounding wall can breathe new life into a modern fireplace. Similarly, fireplace surrounds can be updated or modified to give your interior design a lift while maximising the visual impact of your bespoke fireplace. 

5. Introduce New Features

As well as updating the décor that surrounds your fireplace, you may decide to introduce new features to the fireplace itself. Switching from flat glass to black ceramic glass can give an extra dimension to the flames and give a modern fireplace a whole new feel, for example. 

Alternatively, consider switching the interior bed from dark stone chips to white or grey gravel as this can elevate the appearance of luxury fireplaces and keep the design feeling fresh. 

6.  Add a Log Stack

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll definitely need a log stack to ensure you have sufficient timber to burn but this isn’t the only reason to add a log stack nearby. While these have a functional purpose in properties with wood-burning stoves or fireplaces, they simply add to the visual appeal and atmosphere when they’re integrated close to a gas, electric or bioethanol fireplace. 

In many instances, homeowners choose to have a log stack built into the design of a bespoke fireplace due to the aesthetic it delivers. When you want to feel warm and cosy while the weather rages outside, a log stock situated alongside a roaring fire never disappoints!

7. Adjust the Settings

Modern fireplaces have a wide variety of features and settings, so don’t forget to experiment until you find the perfect balance. Many electric fireplaces offer choices when it comes to flame height, realistic sounds and ambient light, for example, while luxury gas fires can feature a natural spark generator, 3D burner and/or LED lighting to give the appearance of wood-burning embers.

With so many settings to choose from, you can opt for various feature combinations to create the perfect atmosphere at any time. If you really want to get the most out of your luxury fireplace this season, be sure to experiment with new settings until you’re familiar with all the features of your designer fireplace. 

8. Integrate Seating Around Your Fireplace

A luxury fireplace is always a focal point but, when you integrate seating nearby, you can make sure that it becomes a core element of the space. When you have a cosy seating nook alongside your fireplace, you’ll be more likely to make use of the feature. What’s more – you can benefit from the additional heat that’s generated from your fireplace too!

No matter what type or style of fireplace you have installed, it’s easy to adjust your seating design to ensure there is a comfortable space to relax and unwind as you watch the flames flicker and the embers glow. 

9. Embrace the Season

One way to keep your interior feeling on trend is to embrace the season and reflect it via your interior design. Of course, this extends to your fireplace design too. While it’s important to be careful not to place any decorative features too close to open flames, you can certainly use seasonal décor to enhance a fireplace surround or mantle. From miniature pumpkins for Halloween to ivy, holly and pine cones at Christmas, there are endless options to consider. 

Install a Bespoke Fireplace Now

If you want to ensure your home feels warm and cosy over the colder months, a bespoke designer fireplace is the ultimate solution. However, there’s no time to waste if you’re eager to enjoy a custom fireplace this season. 

To start designing your bespoke fireplace now, contact our team on 0345 615 6518 or book an appointment at our exclusive fireplace studio today.