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Tips for Choosing a Style-Ready Designer Electric Fireplace

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Megan Walden

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Adding a designer electric fireplace to your home can be a great way to create a cosy atmosphere that adds style and warmth. When choosing a designer electric fireplace, there are several important things to consider, such as the size, heating capacity, and style. This article will provide you with some helpful tips on how to choose the right style-ready designer electric fireplace for your home.


Where your fireplace will be situated is, perhaps, one of the most important considerations as it will influence other factors, such as size and style. When you’re browsing designer fireplaces, remember to envisage them in your home and not just in isolation. This will give you a clearer idea of how a particular fireplace can be integrated into the space. You can book a visit to our bespoke fireplace studio for an exclusive tour of what we do, giving you the opportunity to plan how your fireplace will fit in with your design.

A designer electric fireplace gives you more flexibility when it comes to where to situate your fireplace, as it won’t require the same ventilation options as a wood-burning or gas fireplace. In fact, an electric fireplace doesn’t require any ventilation at all, so you’re free to integrate your style-ready fireplace in virtually any location. 

Exterior Wall Fireplaces

As the name suggests, an exterior wall fireplace sits against an external wall and is, perhaps, the most traditional type of placement. Most fireplaces used to be situated against an exterior wall due to the need for ventilation and, although you won’t need a chimney or flue for an electric fireplace, you may still feel that this is the best location for your new feature.

Central Column Fireplaces

A centrally located fireplace can be eye-catching and practical, particularly if you want to use your fireplace as a main or additional heat source. If you want to segment an open plan space, for example, adding a central column fireplace gives you the perfect statement feature to do so. 

Suspended Fireplaces

A suspended or ‘hanging’ fireplace defies expectations and elevates the interior design of any room. Lowered from the ceiling, a suspended fireplace can be a dominant feature or a sleek and stylish addition, depending on the exterior fireplace design. 


Now you know where you want to install your modern fireplace, you’ll be able to choose its size and shape. Remember – the size of a fireplace generally corresponds to its heat output. If you want to use designer fireplaces as the main or additional heat source in a room, be sure to choose a model that will provide sufficient warmth. 

If you’re installing a modern fireplace in or against a wall, interior designers often recommend choosing a design that offers a ratio of 1:2 of fireplace to blank wall space. However, there are no set rules in place and a larger fireplace can act as a statement feature that captures and reflects the style and ambience of the space. 

For centrally located fireplaces, there is more flexibility when it comes to the size of the design. A central wall featuring a three-sided fireplace or a tunnel fireplace can be a great way to break up a large space, for example. Alternatively, a large, suspended fireplace can be used to create a visual impact without taking up an excessive amount of space. 

Heating Capacity

When you’re adding a contemporary fireplace to a particular room with the aim of elevating the interior design, heating capacity may be less important. However, many homeowners want to ensure that their new fireplace is capable of providing sufficient warmth. You may want to use your fireplace as an addition heat source in conjunction with central or underfloor heating, for example.

If so, be sure to consider the heating capacity of your preferred fireplace or opt for a modern fireplace that features a heating element. This is a savvy way to increase the heat output of your fireplace without compromising on style.


When it comes to designer fireplaces, choosing what style to integrate into your home is one of the most exciting parts of the process. Whether you’ve got your heart set on an uber-modern fireplace or you’re looking for a contemporary fireplace with a traditional twist, this is your opportunity to combine creativity and design to enhance your surroundings. 

Inset Fireplaces

Combining a modern steel fireplace with authentic brickwork or a tile surround can give a fantastic contemporary finish, for example. Alternatively, adding a log stack to a central fireplace wall gives a traditional yet up-to-date feel. 

Suspended Fireplaces

If you want your fireplace to be a statement feature, then a suspended design could be the perfect solution. A steel hood atop an open flame can be a sublime addition to a kitchen, for example, while a glass surround over a marble base adds an eye-catching element to any room. 

Panoramic Fireplaces

When you’re planning to integrate your fireplace into an outside wall, a one-sided contemporary fireplace might seem like the obvious choice. Indeed, wall inset premium electric fireplaces can deliver a sublime visual effect while adding warmth and ambience to the space. 

However, a one-sided fireplace isn’t the only option available. Today’s modern designer fireplaces are created with flexibility and style in mind, so you can adorn your home with a variety of contemporary features.

Panoramic fireplaces are a superb option if you want to ensure your fireplace is visible from every part of the room and they also add a modern feel to any fireplace design. A two-sided or ‘tunnel’ fireplace works exceedingly well in central walls or columns, for example. Alternatively, a three-sided panoramic fireplace and TV wall can create a bespoke entertainment centre and a fantastic focal point. 

Interior Fireplace Design

While the exterior of your fireplace might be your first consideration when you’re deciding which design to go with, don’t forget the impact that the interior fireplace design can have. You’ll need to choose whether to opt for realistic ceramic logs, black ceramic glass, ribbed steel liners and/or white or grey stones, for example. 

With endless combinations to choose from, the interior of your fireplace reflects its exterior design and reinforces the style and character of the piece. No matter where your fireplace will be situated, the interior accessories you select will enhance its visual appeal and add the finishing touches to a spectacular feature. 

Choosing Your New Designer Electric Fireplace

With so many styles, materials and functions to consider, choosing the perfect designer electric fireplace can be trickier than you realise! To experience designer fireplaces in action or to talk to our expert team about your design ideas, why not book a private appointment at our exclusive fireplace studio?