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What is a Bespoke Fireplace?

Picture of Megan Walden

Megan Walden

Managing Director

All of our bespoke fireplace designs are made 100% to your specification. Manufactured with precision, we can engineer a fireplace design to the exact millimetre you require.

A bespoke fireplace is different to a ‘custom’ fireplace. Custom often means, based on a template, manufactured to a certain size.

We will make the fireplace to any unique and innovate design, size, configuration, shape, colour …

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will guide the bespoke fireplace design to ensure that all regulations and safety aspects are fully adhered to, and work together with you to complete the design with fluing and installation.

Every single detail is carefully considered. Details you didn’t even know you wanted!

From the smooth, clean mitred corners on our glass fireplaces, to the respected and user-friendly remote systems on our gas fireplaces. We pride ourselves on giving the confidence to our clients that each important aspect of the fireplace design is meticulously planned and executed with care.

Each bespoke fireplace order includes a 3D digital sketch created of the appliance, with full dimensions from every angle. Revisions and edits are then made to ensure that the final approved design is exactly right before manufacture.

Our bespoke fireplaces include gas, wood burning or bioethanol designs. We offer fluing and fan requirements with all of our orders, and site surveys prior to the installation date with all relevant parties.

Our experienced and qualified engineers travel nationwide, as well as abroad for installations of our bespoke fireplaces. We work with clients worldwide as not only trusted fireplace consultants, but designers and fitters to provide a complete services for all our customers.

The fireplace studio based in the South West offers a personal insight into curated collection of our bespoke fireplaces, offering clients a private viewing of a selection of designs live on display, and the ability to discuss their individual project and requirements with one of our design team.

Whilst many of our installations are carried out in places such as London, Manchester, and the South West, our team have worked with talented designers and architects on projects in a wide range of locations including Cairo and Oman.

The clients specify our designs for both commercial and domestic projects, and we provide a complete professional service with comprehensive information and quality fireplaces from design, to installation and our after-sales care.


To speak with one of our team to discuss your new project, please contact us on 0845 615 6518 or [email protected]