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Efficient Fireplaces

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Megan Walden

Managing Director

Efficient fires come in many shapes and sizes.

With gas fireplaces, by far, our balanced flue gas fireplaces are the most efficient in our collections.

Balanced flue fireplaces are hermetically sealed appliances, with a glass window to view the flames. The name derives from the type of flue system is requires. A balance of flue gases passes through the concentric flue pipe, where the combustion air for the fireplace enters via the outer pipe; and flue gases are expelled via the internal pipe.

This also means that balanced flue gas fires do not require any additional combustion air into the room, as it is gaining this via the flue pipe.

Balanced Flue 3-Sided Tunnel Gas Fireplace
Kalfire GP115-55R

The glass on the front (sides and back for corner, 3-sided and tunnel models) radiates heat from the appliance when burning due to the build up of hot air within the chamber. There is also a convection system required on the chimney breast to circulate air through the surround. This means that warm – hot air will also be expelled via air outlets near the top of the chimney breast, adding to the high efficiency of these fireplaces.


In further detail; front models can often be marginally more efficient than models with multiple panes of glass; as the steel interior with most models will radiate more heat from the appliance. But this is of course only very slightly; as all of the models in our Kalfire ranges boast high kW outputs from 4.5Kw-14kW and efficiency percentages of up to 85%.


For details on the outputs and full specifications of our balanced flue gas fireplaces, we are available via telephone, email or book a private appointment in our fireplace showroom.

wood burning fireplace
Kalfire W70-33F

When it comes to wood burning fireplaces, all of our ranges with glass doors offer fantastic heat outputs. Certified and tested to the highest levels, to ensure they are clean burning fireplaces and ultimately, the higher the efficiency ratings, the eco-friendlier the wood burners can be.


The glass fronted wood burners operate with the similar principles to the aforementioned balanced flue fires; with the convection system through the chimney breast adding warm air back into the room; and the glass when the door is closed radiating heat.


The combustion air for these wood burning fireplaces does need to be supplied from an external wall. The most efficient method to provide this is directly ducting the combustion air from the nearest external wall and connecting this onto the appliance. However, there are situations where either the distance from an external wall is too great; or there are no external walls into the room. In these instances, alternative methods of supplying the combustion air to the wood burner can be appraised.

man loading logs onto wood burning fireplace
Kalfire W53-50R

As the load of logs can vary from model-to-model and user-to-user, the outputs of our wood burning fireplaces offer a range rather than set figures. Our smallest wood burner in the Kalfire range offers a heat output of approx. 5Kw; and up to 17kW for some of the larger designs. For full specification on any of our wood burning fireplaces; please visit our contact us page and we would be happy to discuss further.